UPDATED with video: You can’t throw a dead cat without hitting a Michael Avenatti interview somewhere on TV including Stephen Colbert’s show where Avenatti unveiled new, damning he says, evidence of financial rannygazoo on the part of President Donald Trump.

Taking a page from the Donald Trump playbook, Stormy Daniels’ attorney took his latest show-and-tell to a non-news TV program, this time revealing what he said was the receipt for the $130K NDA paid to Avenatti’s client, Stormy Daniels. Previously Avenatti unveiled on The View a forensic sketch of the man Stormy says threatened her in a parking lot over her Trump claims.

Colbert noted Avenatti has been doing a lot of TV – especially CNN which Colbert said, in a master stroke of understatement, “also is fascinated with your client.”

Are you trying to out-trump Trump? Won’t that be a Pyrrhic victory? You will have won, but at what cost,” Colbert asked, dramatically whipping off his glasses.

“I am confident we’re going to win this case,” Avenatti smiled, not taking Colbert’s bait. “I think the president will not serve out his term.”

Colbert’s Ed Sullivan Theater audience roared its approval.

“I have never seen anyone pander to an audience like you just did,” Colbert observed.

Avenatti flung his arms into the air, signaling the crowd to roar some more.

“This is not CNN,” snarked Colbert, who seems to have it in for CNN. “I have to keep things to pace.”

“You don’t believe that Michael Cohen just cut a check for $130K for his dear friend Mr. Trump, to a woman who came up with an accusation that totally isn’t true?” Late Show host Stephen Colbert asked Avenatti.

Avenatti is involved in three lawsuits concerning Stormy and the President of the United States.

Daniels has sued to get out of the 2016 NDA she signed in exchange for $130,000, which Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen said he paid for personally and about which he said Trump knew nothing.  Stormy also has sued Trump for defamation over some of his tweets that appeared to be pointed in her general direction.

“It’s absurd to suggest that an attorney would advance $130K for somebody from a personal home equity loan, never tell him about it – not just anyone but a billionaire running for president –  never seek reimbursement, never tell him about,” Avenatti said. “It’s just absurd, it’s ridiculous. Nobody believes that.”

“Maybe he’s just really bad at his job,” Colbert suggested.

“I would agree with you he’s a terrible attorney, but he’s not that stupid,” Avenatti replied.