‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Advance Ticket Sales Already Breaking Records, Besting ‘Black Panther’

After owning the first half of May with Avengers: Infinity War, Disney will own the second half with Solo: A Star Wars Story. We reported yesterday that the Lucasfilm release is poised to make $170 million over the four-day Memorial Day holiday, and now Fandango reports that Solo’s advance tickets sales in their first 24 hours have outstripped Black Panther‘s.

Solo‘s first 24 hours of sales so far represent one of 2018’s best first day of presales for Fandango, second only to Avengers: Infinity War (which went on sale on Fandango on March 16).

Earlier today, Fandango reported that moviegoers can buy Solo tickets on the Google Assistant, enabling users to purchase movie tickets using just their voices on any compatible device including smart speakers like the Google Home, Android phones, televisions, headphones.

After the Solo trailer dropped during the Super Bowl, there was some sour buzz on the web from fansSome speculated that reaction was in response to the change-up in directors from Phil Lord and Christopher Miller to Ron Howard (reminder: Lucasfilm switched up helmers on Rogue One with Gareth Edwards handling the main shoot and Tony Gilroy reshoots; no damage there in that spinoff getting to $1.05 billion at the global box office). Later, there was buzz that some didn’t believe Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo. Still, tracking, advance ticket sales and recent surveys are proving that general audiences on the whole can’t wait to see this Star Wars spinoff, and those gripes look to be held by a minority of fanboys.

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Rian Johnson took some bold moves in Star Wars: The Last Jedi that didn’t suit everyone, but that didn’t stop the sequel from grossing $1.3B worldwide. It’s inherent for these uber franchises to have naysayers and lovers; and a studio such as Disney is keen to have the latter outweigh the former at the multiplex.

A Fandango survey says 85% report that Solo is one of their favorite Star Wars characters, 76% can’t wait to see Ehrenreich as Solo, and 73% are particularly excited to see Donald Glover as young Lando Calrissian.

Last night, Atom Tickets reported that Solo marked their second-largest hour of presales after Infinity War. Atom Tickets, though started in 2014, has been selling tickets for roughly the past two years. It reports from its own survey that 86% of their ticket buyers plan to see Solo with family or friends. Millennials at 50% are excited to see Glover with the age group more diverse compared to others (36% White, 34% Hispanic/Latino, 23% Asian, and 6% Black). Gen X’ers at 30% are excited to see Ehrenreich as Solo. This demo breakdown is 55% White, 13% Hispanic/Latino, 13% Asian, and 5% Black.