Hernán Cortés, the conquistador and explorer known for his exploits of five centuries ago, will be the subject of a TV series jointly produced by Spain’s Onza Entertainment and Dopamine, a unit of Mexico’s Grupo Salinas.

It is not the only Cortés project in the works In March, Deadline broke the news of a major competing project green-lit by Amazon, from Steven Spielberg and Steve Zaillian, with Javier Bardem starring.

The release date for the projects has not been specified, but they will have a natural hook in the upcoming 500th anniversary of the fall of the Aztecs in what is now Mexico, and the colonization of the Americas by Spain. Cortés led several of those imperial expeditions.

Groupo Onzo is known for its global hit series El Ministerio del Tiempo. Dopamine created the format of what the companies describe as a “megaseries.”

“This is a series whose format has been conceived in Dopamine, as part of our new vision of content and openness to other business models,” said Fidela Navarro, CEO of Dopamine. “The upcoming celebration of the 500 years of the meeting between two worlds is an opportunity to showcase this crucial moment in Latin American history and nothing better than with Spanish partners, adding cultures, points of view, talent, experience and resources in development and production,” .

José María Irisarri, president of Onza, called the project “a great opportunity to deepen our strategy of production and internationalization. The fifth centenary represents a key historical moment to approach a great fictional series about the historical figure of Hernán Cortés. We are also very excited to start a co-production relationship with Dopamine. I hope this is the first of many projects together. “

Cortés has long fascinated Hollywood, and the increasing budgets and storytelling sophistication of the episodic realm offers increasing opportunities to dive into historical subjects. The Amazon-Spielberg effort has its roots in a feature project initiated in 2014. HBO had also long developed a series about Cortés.