After his arrest on multiple rape and sex crimes charges last week, Harvey Weinstein is only allowed to travel within New York and Connecticut but he will be making a trip back to court next week now.

Following yesterday’s indictment of the once powerful producer by a grand jury on two sets of rape charges and a sex crime charge, Weinstein is currently scheduled to appear in NY Supreme Court on June 5 for an arraignment hearing. Facing a potential 25-years behind bars if convicted, Weinstein is expected to enter a plea at the time. That plea looks certain to be a “not guilty” based on statements by his primary lawyer in recent days.

Otherwise, similar in scope to the criminal complaint arraignment hearing on May 25, the stop in court next Tuesday morning will see prosecutor Joan Illuzzi-Orbon representing the Manhattan District Attorney’s office. With attorney Benjamin Brafman by his side, Weinstein will likely be in and out of the courtroom in less than an hour.

The lone thing that may elongated the proceedings is if a new bail application is made before the new judge in the matter. As it is, Weinstein is out right now on $1 million bail, with conditions of a $10 million bond, relinquishing his passport and wearing a monitor to ensure he stays within the Empire State and the Provisions State. Most of the time such conditions are continued as a case moves to another court However, either side could make a move to change the stipulations.

One thing that will change for sure is that the July 30 date set late last week for a further appearance by Weinstein in the criminal complaint is now scrubbed off the calendar. In terms of timelines, it will be months before a trial actually starts, if it gets to that point.

Representatives for The Weinstein Company co-founder did not respond to request for comment on the new hearing date or what could be expected then.

Subjected to doing the perp walk after surrendering himself to the NYPD on May 25 after months of investigation, the much accused produced was arrested and charged with two counts of rape (one involving force) as well as a criminal sexual act in the first degree, for alleged assaults against two women that occurred in 2013 and 2004. Now superseding that matter, the same charges were in the indictment that came down yesterday.

“We remind everyone that an Indictment is merely a formal accusation,” attorney Brafman said on May 30 after Cyrus Vance Jr’s office announced the latest legal move. “We will soon formally move to dismiss the indictment and if this case actually proceeds to trial, we expect Mr. Weinstein to be acquitted,” the NYC lawyer added.

In addition to being investigated by federal prosecutors, the Manhattan D.A. and the NYPD, allegations against Weinstein have been reviewed by the LAPD, which sent a trio of cases to the L.A. County D.A. on February 8. As UK police continue their investigation, the Beverly Hills Police passed two cases of sexual assault that they say occurred in their jurisdiction to Jackie Lacey’s office on January 2.

There are also nearly a dozen lawsuits filed in the courts against Weinstein from some of the 80 women who have gone public with allegations of sexual assault and more by the Oscar winning producer.