After President Donald Trump’s new personal brawler/lawyer Rudy Giuliani spent the weekend trying to pull out of his mouth the foot he’d swallowed during last week’s gobsmacking Hannity appearance, and Stormy Daniels made her Saturday Night Live debut in an all-star cold opening, Trump kicked off this week punching on Twitter.

“The Russia Witch Hunt is rapidly losing credibility. House Intelligence Committee found No Collusion, Coordination or anything else with Russia,” Trump tweeted.  “So now the Probe says OK, what else is there? How about Obstruction for a made up, phony crime. There is no O, it’s called Fighting Back.”

“The 13 Angry Democrats in charge of the Russian Witch Hunt are starting to find out that there is a Court System in place that actually protects people from injustice,” Trump added. “…and just wait ’till the Courts get to see your unrevealed Conflict of Interest!”

Among Giuliani’s weekend headlines, he suggested on ABC’s Sunday Beltway show that Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen may have made payments to more women than Stormy, telling George Stephanopoulos,  “I have no knowledge, but I would think, if it was necessary, yeah. He conducted business for the president.”

Some pundits responded:

Donald Trump’s tweets: