Donald Trump has taken to Twitter (again) to seize on a mistake by NBC News.

The U.S. President slammed the Peacock network after it corrected its story, from yesterday, that wrongly stated that federal authorities had wiretapped his lawyer Michael Cohen.

The broadcaster quickly corrected the error, that Cohen’s phones were being monitored as part of a pen register rather than a wiretap. “The monitoring of Cohen’s phones was limited to a log of calls, known as a pen register, not a wiretap where investigators can actually listen to calls,” it added to the story.

However, the former host of The Apprentice, didn’t let that stop him from getting on his phone.

“NBC NEWS is wrong again! They cite “sources” which are constantly wrong. Problem is, like so many others, the sources probably don’t exist, they are fabricated, fiction! NBC, my former home with the Apprentice, is now as bad as Fake News CNN. Sad!,” he wrote early on Friday morning.

The correction on the explosive story was first announced on MSNBC during Meet the Press Daily by the story’s lead reporter Tom Winter.

It also comes after the social networking site urged users to update their passwords after discovering that user passwords were being saved to an internal log.

“As a precaution, consider changing your password on all services where you’ve used this password,” the company noted.

I wonder if the Commander-in-Chief has updated his.