UPDATE 21:10 PM: Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been picked up by NBC!

PREVIOUS 19:30 PM: The euphoria surrounding fans’ grass-root campaign to save Brooklyn Nine-Nine has started to subside a day after the show’s cancellation by Fox — and with it the optimism about it finding a new home.

Hulu, a corporate sibling of Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s production studio, Universal TV, was a perfect fit as it owns the comedy’s SVOD rights and had successfully rescued another Uni TV comedy cancelled by Fox, The Mindy Project. There were conversations between the two parties but word came out today that Hulu has passed on the opportunity to pick up Brooklyn Nine-Nine. 

TBS, which airs Brooklyn Nine-Nine in off-network syndication was a long shot, largely because of the the economics — a five-year single-camera broadcast comedy is prohibitively expensive for a basic cable network. I hear TBS is not an option, and neither is Netflix, which never really pursued the show, in part because rival Hulu owns SVOD rights.

That leaves NBC, which could provide a home for an acclaimed show that brings money to its sister studio from off-network and SVOD deals. And I hear there may be other potential buyers too.

Bottom line is: there have been setbacks but there is still hope.