After landing the best opening ever at the domestic box office with $257.7M, Disney/Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War pulled in an estimated $25.2M yesterday, making it the best Monday for a title at the April B.O. beating Universal’s Furious 7 ($14M on April 6, 2015). Disney will report their official figures later this morning.

The all-time Monday record for any title and an MCU title is owned by Black Panther which earned $40.1M on Presidents Day back in February. This makes Infinity War second behind Black Panther in regards to record MCU Mondays at the B.O. and ahead of 2012’s Avengers ($18.9M).

However, on the list of best Mondays overall, Infinity War currently ranks ninth, well below the Mondays of Star Wars: The Force Awakens (No. 2, $40.1M, Dec. 21, 2015) and Rogue One (No. 3 $32M, Dec. 26, 2016).  This is largely because those films benefited greatly from schools being off during the holidays. Yesterday there weren’t any K-12 schools off, and only 7% colleges were on break according to ComScore. The fact that there weren’t any schools off on Friday, didn’t impact Infinity War‘s weekend business, however, it does slow down Monday’s turnstiles a tad. Still, you can’t knock a $25M Monday. That’s the envy of any rival studio.

Running domestic total to date for Infinity War is $282.9M. Force Awakens holds the record for crossing $300M in five days, and odds are that Infinity War will tie that feat today.