EXCLUSIVE: Kevin and Matthew McManus, the sibling duo who serve as writers on Netflix’s crime parody series American Vandal, are set to direct The Block Island Sound, a horror-thriller which will mark their sophomore feature. The McManus Bros penned the screenplay and will produce the pic with Andrew van den Houten and Ashleigh Snead.

Michaela McManus (Into The Grizzly Maze), Chris Sheffield (The Maze Runner), Neville Archambault (13 Cameras), and Ryan O’Flanagan (American Vandal), and Jeremy Holm make up the cast that will go before cameras this month in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

The story follows Audry Lynch (McManus) as she returns home to Block Island only to discover her dad (Archambault) is suffering from a series of blackouts and hallucinations. After a particularly stressful night, her father goes missing, leading Audry and her brother Harry (Sheffield) to search for answers. They’ll soon find out there is one ominous thread that ties everything together, putting their family in grave danger.

Exec producers are Darryl Gariglio, Jordan Rudman, Harvey Rudman, Catherine Dumonceaux and Giles Daust.

The McManus Bros’ first directorial feature, Funeral Kings, went to Netflix and was released digitally and in theaters via Freestyle Releasing. They are repped by Gersh.