Actors’ Equity members have re-elected Kate Shindle to a second term as president of the union that reps moire than 50,000 professional stage actors and stage managers. She was running unopposed, as were several other officers chosen in the 2018 National Council election.

Actors' Equity

Shindle, who was Miss America 1998, beat incumbent president Nick Wyman in the 2015 election. There was an unprecedented number of seats up for grabs across all three regions in the 105-year-old group, and all 55 were filled, effective immediately.

The other officers elected without opposition were 3rd Vice President Ira Mont, Secretary/Treasurer Sandra Karas, Central Regional Vice President Dev Kennedy and Western Regional Vice President Doug Carfrae.

Among those facing challengers, Melissa Robinette was elected 1st Vice President (Principal),  Jennifer Cody was elected 2nd Vice President (Chorus) and Sid Solomon was elected Eastern Regional Vice President.

The regional winners are listed below.

After more than a decade of using an electronic voting option, the Actors’ Equity National Council opted to return to a mail-only balloting system for the 2018 election. Actors’ Equity said on its website, “This determination was not made lightly but in reaction to anti-Union moves made by the Trump Administration’s Department of Labor that will have the practical effect of making Union elections more difficult to execute.”

Here are the regional results of the 2018 Actors’ Equity Associaion elections:

Eastern Region

The following candidates were elected Eastern Region Principal Councillor:

Stephen Bogardus
Diane Davis
Brandon J. Dirden
Nicole Flender
Adam Green
Dee Hoty
James Ludwig
John McGinty
Maureen Moore
Margot Moreland
Bobby Moreno
Diane Nicole
Kate O’Phalen
Lee Osorio
Judy Rice
Nikki Switzer
Allyson Tucker
Kristen Beth Williams

The following candidates were elected Eastern Region Chorus Councillor:

Joanne Borts
Jonathan Brody
Todd Buonopane
Karen Elliott
Matthew J. Kilgore
Justin Peck
Jennifer Swiderski
Lauren Villegas

The following candidates were elected Eastern Region Stage Manager Councillor:

Marjorie Horne
Ruth E. Kramer
Bernita Robinson
Amanda Spooner

Central Region

The following candidates were elected Central Region Principal Councillor:

Madeleine Fallon
Michael A. Newcomer

The following candidate was elected Central Region Chorus Councillor:

Ariane Dolan

The following candidate was unopposed and deemed elected Central Stage Manager Councillor:

Malcolm D. Ewen

In the Western Region

The following candidates were elected Western Region Principal Councillor:

Nancy Daly
Michael Dotson
Mary-Pat Green
Kelly Ground
Brooke Ishibashi
Kevin McMahon
Gregory North
Arianna Ortiz
Barbara N. Roberts
DeBorah Sharpe-Taylor

The following candidate was elected Western Region Chorus Councillor:

Kim Arnett

The following candidates were unopposed and deemed elected Western Stage Manager Councillor:

James T. McDermott
Jenifer A. Shenker

Western Region