YouTube plans to harden security at all of its offices worldwide following Tuesday’s shooting at the company’s headquarters in San Bruno.

The video giant said the violent attack prompted it to reassess the security on its offices, which, like many in Silicon Valley, project an open, college campus-like vibe.

“We will be increasing security at our offices worldwide to make them more secure not only in the near-term but long term,” YouTube said in a statement published to Twitter (read it below).

The Alphabet-owned unit of Google offered its first public account today of the shooting in which three people were injured before the attacker killed herself. Police believe she was motivated by anger over perceived censorship of her videos.

YouTube said the woman entered its offices through the parking garage and walked to the courtyard, where she opened fire. The company expressed gratitude for the swift response of the San Bruno police, who arrived within two minutes to its emergency call.

“The officers responding to the scene were exceptional,” YouTube said. “They entered our building to protect the lives of our employees. There were numerous acts of heroism both from the first responders — particularly the San Bruno PD, and from employees.”

YouTube said some employees went back into the building to give officers access, while others tended to the wounded. It thanked the global community for its outpouring of compassion in the aftermath of the tragedy.

“Your support reminds us that even in the toughest of times, the YouTube Community comes together and supports one-another.”