‘Young Sheldon’ Co-Creator Talks More Crossovers & ‘Sheldon’s Endgame — The Contenders Emmys

“There’s no reason why we can’t keep going back and forth in this weird time portal that has been created between the two shows,” said co-creator Steven Molaro, when it comes to the number of crossover episodes between CBS’s new hit comedy and its predecessor, The Big Bang Theory. 

Joined by star Iain Armitage at Deadline’s Emmy Contenders event, Molaro talked about young Sheldon’s ongoing development and how far it will get before we meet Jim Parsons’s Sheldon. “I think it would be crazy for us to feel like there’s an end-game in mind. The show takes place 30 years in the past, and we don’t really need to adhere to a rigid timeline as long as Iain’s growth as a human being doesn’t mess with that too much.”

While being an offshoot of BBT, Molaro talked about the importance for Young Sheldon to maintain its own identity, which informed the decision to go with a single camera setup.

“It’s important to create a show that didn’t feel like it was trying to chase after whatever Big Bang Theory was. That seemed like an impossible task and we wanted to show a more intimate level of Sheldon’s backstory in Texas. Single camera afforded us a way to see the world from his [point of view].

Young Sheldon airs Thursdays on CBS.