Movie producer and social media force Will Packer enlivened Twitter’s NewFronts event with his take on the Kanye West-Donald Trump “expression of love,” as he called it.

“Let’s take a minute real quick to say, I miss the old Kanye, OK?” Packer said during an appearance plugging the potency of #BlackTwitter, as the crowd burst into laughter and applause. (Later, Packer noted that the teleprompter operator might have gotten lost, as the comments were unscripted.)

West “said, ‘Hey, let me express myself!’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, whatever,'” Packer said with an eye roll. “One of my favorite moments last week was when Donald Trump said on Twitter, ‘My homies, Kanye and Chance, we’re in this together!’ Chance the Rapper immediately went to Twitter and was like, ‘We who? Homie?!’ But I’m not here to talk about that.”

Packer, whose credits include a billion-dollar portfolio of films including Girls Trip, Straight Outta Compton and Ride Along, segued into a plug for the ability of #BlackTwitter to influence trends across culture. Opening-weekend box office — turf Packer knows from his nine No. 1 releases, often can be influenced by this sizable segment of the online community, which has taken the place of barber shops and kitchen tables as an incubator. “I am often up against movies with more resources,” Packer said. “But they don’t have #BlackTwitter.”

A new 30-minute Twitter show, Power Star Live, will deliver a concentrated dose of #BlackTwitter, Packer noted.