Stephen Colbert latched on to NBC News’ report out Monday afternoon that claims White House Chief of Staff John Kelly has called President Donald Trump an “idiot” on multiple occasions.

According to the report, Kelly portrays himself to Trump administration aides as the lone bulwark against catastrophe, and strongly implies, “If I weren’t here we would have entered World War III, or the president would have been impeached.”

Asked Colbert: “Is that an either/or? Because I can live with one of those.”

Women in particular feel rattled by Kelly’s comments because he’s also told aides multiple times that women are more emotional than men, according to NBC News. That includes at least once when he said it in front of POTUS, NBC News says.

“Women are more emotional than men?! Have you met the president?!” Colbert marveled.

“And, women have a range of emotions. Trump has two: anger and you remind me of my daughter.”