EXCLUSIVE: Considered the Brazilian Catch Me If You Can, the Tribeca Film Festival documentary Kaiser: The Greatest Footballer Never To Play Football chronicles exactly that: a man who became a soccer superstar without setting foot on the field.

Marking director Louis Myles feature-length film debut, Kaiser uncovers the double life of Carlos “Kaiser” Henrique Raposo who essentially conned his way to become a V.I.P. footballer for 26 years. As seen in the trailer above, Kaiser faked injuries, rubbed elbows with gangster club owners, and was a regular in Rio’s steamy nightlife scene. All the while, he had a football club career that spanned continents and some of Brazil’s most famous teams  — and he never even played a game. Myles’ doc follows Kaiser’s fascinating faux footballing career, which has become one of the most fraudulent stories in the history of sports.

Kaiser: The Greatest Footballer Never To Play Football will make its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City on April 21.