Having spent a full day slinging Twitter mud back and forth with Jimmy Kimmel, Sean Hannity’s primetime show played like a bit of a rerun Friday night, though he called it a “special edition” of the program to highlight “just how clueless  liberal elitists really are about American values.”

Liberal elitists like the “self righteous, sanctimonious,creepy perverted misogynistic, self-appointed beacon of all things decent” ABC late night show host, to use the words Hannity did to variously describe Kimmel throughout the off-the-rails hour.

“I am going after Jimmy Kimmel tonight,” Hannity snarled. “We’re going to pound him with his own words.”

“And, I’m going to tell you something. This is not something I prefer to do on the show. I don’t take joy in this,” Hannity simpered, pivoting madly.

“But I have just had it with the utter hypocrisy, the unrelenting attacks against, not only a sitting president, but his wife and his daughter and his 11-year-old son.”

“Let me be clear,” Hannity continued. “I’m not in the business of silencing Jimmy Kimmel. I don’t want Jimmy Kimmel boycotted.”

Moments after that declaration, a photo of Kimmel appeared on screen next to Hannity, with the words “Jimmy ‘The Pervert’ Kimmel.”

Among the charges he lobbed at Kimmel: “I know you kissed Obama’s ass.”

Hannity played for his TV viewers all of those videos he’d featured in his tweets throughout the day of Kimmel from his The Man Show days, as well as a few he hadn’t gotten to yet on social media.

Exhausting his menu of Kimmel videos, Hannity brought out Fox News Channel show host Jeanine Pirro, and The Hill’s media reporter Joe Concha to discuss.

“The hatred coming from the left is actually shocking,” Pirro screeched in her glass-cracking voice. “I have gotten it for years…For them to turn around and make fun of the First Lady is the lowest of the low. I applaud you for doing this. These people are haters and they are not to be tolerated and America will reject them in the next election!”

Concha, maybe more on-point, suggested Kimmel apologize on air to Melania Trump, because that’s where the offending joke was made. But, he told Hannity, he’d be sorry if that happened quickly. “I find this insanely entertaining, the feud between you two. Make it like the Cuban Missile Crisis; have it go on for 13 days.”

“As far as the First Lady is concerned, Jimmy Kimmel is now in his 50s and he’s taking cheap shots at women who can’t defend themselves,” Concha continued.

Then, realizing even Fox News Channel viewers might question that statement, he clarified. “Of course, she can [defend herself], but the First Lady is not going to dignify this with a response.”

While Concha was speaking, Pirro got herself wound-up for another round: “Look at the person you are talking about! He will not go after Harvey Weinstein, who was a sexual predator who I have no doubt will be indicted for rape! But he’s happy to go after the First Lady of the United States! These people are not what America is about and American will reject them!” she bellowed.

After the program wrapped, Kimmel tweeted, “Dear Sean Hannity, thx for the trip down Man Show Memory Lane. The idea that you’d call anyone a ‘pervert’ while slobbering over Trump, Ailes, O’Reilly and, yes, Roy Moore – who you did support, is, to quote a fella you love very much, ‘Sad!'”

Hannity responded quickly on Twitter, calling Kimmel “a disgusting pervert.”

“Stop projecting. How you treat the First Lady helping kids is disgusting. How you treat 18-year-old girls is disgusting. And your show is a failure. Game on, you pervert pig. I’ll be on this till you apologize.”

Replied Kimmel in a tweet:

“I’m starting to think SOMEONE has a crush on me!”