Heavy Trip, the story of big dreamers from a small town, had its world premiere last month at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin. In the film, Turo, with his band Impaled Rektum, steal a van, a corpse and a coffin from the local cemetery, a new drummer from the local mental hospital and flee to Norway. As they are escaping Finnish police, they have to face the Norwegian Army in order to get to play their first real gig.

“Two directors from very high up in the North came to us explaining that they had the best comedy ever on an idea basis,” said producer Kai Nordberg during his stop at Deadline’s SXSW studio. The two director he’s referring are Jukka Vidgren and Juuso Laatio, both of whom co-wrote the script with Aleksi Puranen and Jari Olavi Rantala.  “After developing the script for four years with them we kind of agreed with them.”

The pic stars Johannes Holopainen, Ville Tiihonen (both were present during the sit-down, which can be viewed above),  Minka Kuustonen, Max Ovaska, Antti Heikkinen, Samuli Jaskio, and Chike Ohanwe.

Check out an exclusive clip from the pic below.