EXCLUSIVE: Sony Pictures has closed a life rights deal with singer/songwriter Halsey. The hope is to develop a movie loosely based on her life, which she would star in. I’m told the closest cousin to what they hope for here is a vehicle that does for her what 8 Mile did for Eminem.


How did this happen? The studio often meets youthful for roles in its movies, and the decision after the meeting with Halsey was that the best course was to sculpt a vehicle for her, and about her. Halsey is a 23-year old biracial charismatic singer and social activist from New Jersey who is currently in Australia touring her latest album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. She made headlines recently for a rousing speech given during the Women’s March in D.C. in March. Her hits include Now Or Never, Him and I, and Bad At Love. She also drew notice for directing the video of her song Alone. And she plays a small role in the Bradley Cooper-directed A Star Is Born. Sounds like Sony might be onto something here.

Palak Patel is overseeing the project for the studio. Halsey is managed Jason Aron and Anthony Li and agented by Paradigm’s Scott Melrose.

Here is her D.C. speech: