Lauren Greenfield’s documentary Generation Wealth puts the spotlight on the wealthy via her life’s work. As a photographer, she has photographed some of the wealthiest members of society and with her doc, she pieces all of that together for an interesting investigation into pathologies that have created the richest society the world has ever seen. From the trailer above, we see how the obnoxiously wealthy can make us jealous, sad, frustrated, and angry all at once.

Greenfield has mad a living traveling the world to document a vast range of cultural movements and moments. With her film The Queen of Versailles, she examined the life of Florida billionaires David and Jackie Siegel during the 2008 economic crisis and she continues that journey with Generation Wealth. The Amazon Studios doc made its debut earlier this year at Sundance and digs deep into the society of the money-loving. Spanning consumerism, beauty, gender, body commodification, aging and more, Greenfield has created a comprehensive cautionary tale about a culture heading straight for the cliff’s edge. Generation Wealth shows how money has changed over the decades through an expose that bears witness to the global boom-bust economy, the corrupted American Dream and the human costs of capitalism, narcissism, and greed.