Facebook today starts to test a new video format called Facebook Premieres.

Like its Hollywood namesake, publishers and creators will be able to release pre-recorded videos as a live moment, giving people the ability to interact and experience them together.

People will be able to experience Premieres of videos like movie trailers, new episodes of Facebook Watch shows, or new content from their favorite creators, alongside other fans, and in real time — just like watching a Facebook Live video.

“We’re testing this now with a group of diverse video creators, publishers, and shows,” said Facebook’s Fidji Simo. “And we’ll be rolling this out more broadly soon.”

Facebook has been making an aggressive push into video since 2015, when it launched its live video service with celebrities and public figures including Ricky Gervais, Tony Hawk and Lester Holt. It has continued to find new ways to engage its 2 billion worldwide users, through new offerings like its TV-inspired Facebook Watch, and, not coincidentally, create new ways for brands and marketers to reach audiences.