In a conversation with Deadline’s Dominic Patten at the Contenders Emmys today, IFC’s Brockmire star Hank Azaria said his off-camera identity is beginning to blend with that of his onscreen character, disgraced baseball announcer Jim Brockmire.

The actor said he finds himself in a “weird second career” of being invited to make appearances at real-life sporting events in-character as the alcoholic, out-of-control Brockmire. Azaria said the sports world is beginning to consider him “among the actual fraternity of baseball announcers.”

The sports crossover also works the other way: Azaria said sportscasting legend Bob Costas will host Brockmire’s upcoming season premiere in New York.

The show returns for a second season April 25, following Brockmire to a new job in New Orleans. As previously announced, Brockmire also has been renewed for seasons 3 and 4.

“It’s starts to get pretty dark,” Azaria said of the new season, adding that New Orleans is the perfect place for Brockmire to acquire a whole new set of problems. “He’s a drunk…you can’t get drunk enough (in New Orleans). He’s where he’s meant to be.”

Azaria said he’s fallen in love with his character. “I’m a little shocked at how good it’s come out,” he said of the show. He said any viewer would be hooked by the show in 10 minutes. “Money-back guarantee.”