On Real Time this week, Bill Maher took us back to the ’90s and pointed out how he has a friendly, professional relationship with Roseanne Barr. She appeared on Politically Incorrect when it first started on Comedy Central when it was in its infancy and he appeared as a boudoir photographer on an episode of Roseanne. Maher interrupted this celebratory walk down memory lane of friendship and said, “Now it’s 2018 and we need to talk about Trump.”

As we all know, Barr has been making headlines as of late for the wildly successful revival of her ’90s sitcom but has been getting more attention for her support of Trump — and Maher had some things to say about that.

“Like it or not, you are now the face of the Trump supporter because you really do speak for a certain kind of American who knows they’re being screwed by someone, they just don’t know who,” he said. “But here’s what you’re missing about Trump: When he says he’s ‘looking out for the little guy,’ he’s talking about his d*ck. And as your friend, Roseanne, I must remind you of something very important: You’re a socialist! You’ve been one for 30 years!”

He then started to take out the receipts, quoting Barr from the past where she said things like “most billionaires r violent pedophiles” and “I believe in a maximum wage of 100 million dollars…and if they are unable to live on that amount, then they should go to the re-education camps. And if that doesn’t help, then be beheaded.” And then there is that time where she said that her ideas are based in socialism.

Maher than punctuate all of that with: “You’re not Archie Bunker, you’re Bernie Sanders!”

He said that when he travels the country people ask him about Barr and how they were confused how she came back to TV but is now a Republican. “It’s like a reboot of Will & Grace and Will was into women now,” he joked.

Maher then continues to talk about how Trump’s new America would affect her television family saying that she knows she’s “mad as hell” and wanted to shake things up. In regards to the Conner family, Maher said: “If in the next six months you don’t see Trump’s magic starting to work for you, if you’re still trading pills and driving an Uber, wouldn’t the more realistic plotline for season 2 be your disillusionment with Donald Trump?”

He ended by saying, “You impulsed-purchased Trump. It promised to drain swamps, build walls, and make things great again, but you got it home and it flooded your basement, maxed out your credit cards, and dropped your phone in the toilet.”

Watch the video above for the full “New Rules” segment on Barr.