As the critically acclaimed Atlanta Robbin’ Season continues to impress and puzzle, FX announced today that the upcoming sixth episode of the Golden Globe-winning series titled “Teddy Perkins” will air on April 5 uninterrupted. Why? We’re not exactly sure — but it certainly is on brand with the show’s surreal nature.

The summary for the 41-minute episode written by Donald Glover and directed by Hiro Murai reads: “Darius is trippin in this one. Y’all know I woulda been left.” This doesn’t tell us much about what is in store for Donald Glover’s Earn and his crew that includes his cousin/rapper Paper Boi (Bryan Tyree Henry) and the free-thinking and fun-loving Darius (Lakeith Lee Stanfield). But in the trailer for the episode (which you can watch below), we see that Darius has gotten himself into a very creepy situation that parallels Get Out — which coincidentally featured Stanfield. We reached out to FX about why they are airing the commercial-free episode, but they played their cards close to their vest and didn’t elaborate. Perhaps they are airing it without commercials to give it a cinematic feeling — but who are we to complain?  Guess we’ll just have to wait until Thursday to see why.