JKLC Films has pacted with The Orchard to release its two latest films in the UFO genre: Bob Lazar and Hunt for the Skinwalker. Both will be released this year.

The Orchard says the films continue the company’s successes in the UFO genre, following the distribution of Michael Mazzola’s Unacknowledged: The Greatest Secret in Human History, the highest-grossing documentary on iTunes for 2017.

Bob Lazar, a former government physicist, remains the most famous and controversial name in the world of UFOs but now is speaking on camera for investigative filmmaker Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell (Patient Seventeen). Lazar over the years has remained elusive — and, for the most part, silent. His disclosures have turned his life upside-down and he has tried to stay out of the spotlight. Corbell’s film, Bob Lazar, will explore Lazar’s claims through the lens of 30 years, providing rare and never-before-revealed footage.

“I know there are alien craft here from another planet. I saw nine, but I was inside one,” says Lazar on camera in the film. “I know it was not made on Earth. I know it was made with materials that we cannot fabricate, and we cannot duplicate … we’ve never been able to. It’s nothing I would have ever expected to see. I also know that we have examined bodies of alien creatures. I know this for a fact, and that’s the bottom line.”

The other film, Hunt for the Skinwalker, is based on the best-selling book by George Knapp & Dr. Colm Kelleher. It is about the most intensive scientific study of a paranormal hotspot in human history. In 1996 Robert Bigelow of Bigelow Aerospace, a real estate mogul and self-made billionaire, purchased 480 acres of land in northern Utah for use as a “living laboratory” to study the UFO phenomenon.

“I’m excited to work with The Orchard to release these two groundbreaking films on the subject of UFOs and the government’s involvement in the subject,” said Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell of JKLC Films. “These stories have been kept from the public for 30 years, and with the recent news coverage and the Pentagon’s admission of an active program studying these issues, there is now a unique opportunity to share them with a wide audience.  I’m both excited and hopeful that the UFO problem will be illuminated in a sophisticated and newsworthy way.”