Trevor Noah blasted Facebook for the major Cambridge Analytica data sandal it became aware of years ago but did not reveal to its users until a Guardian report days ago.  Founder Mark Zuckerberg reportedly has lost $9B in wealth in the past two days over the revelation of the scandal and his decision to withhold the information from Facebook users and authorities.

“Oh no! Mark Zuckerberg lost $9B! Now he only has $70B! You realize that’s barely enough to furnish Ben Carson’s office,” Noah snarked.

“Essentially this story involves Facebook and Cambridge Analytica…figuring out how to manipulate you at all costs,” Noah warned, explaining how 270K users who agreed to take a survey resulted in the data diving firm collecting profiles of 50M of those intial survey takers’ friends, family, etc.

“I’m sorry that’s some bullshit,” Noah said, accurately, of the nefarious intel mining. “Because your friend took some dumb-ass quiz, a company you’ve never heard of got access to your account? That’ like your friend boned someone, and then you get the STD.”

The data was used to “do some pretty sinister things,” Noah said, cutting to clip of  former Cambridge Analytica staffer Christopher Wylie, the pink-haired whistleblowers who brought Facebook’s rannygazoo to the public’s attention. “If you’ve seen movies, you know when the person with the crazy hair gets stressed out, something bad is going down,” Noah reminded.

Cambridge Analytica used the data it mined to “electronically brainwash people” for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, including telling him the phrase “drain the swamp” would get a lot of voters worked up and inclined to vote for him.

“My probem is with Facebook,’ Noah said. “They need to be held accountable; they didn’t tell users this was happening. At same time it’s our responsibility to be vigilant.”

“In the year 2018 you have to assume everything you click online, every thing you watch, every web site you visit will be collecting data on you, and that data will be used eventually to try to sell you something,” Noah advised.

“Even people in the places you trust, – they’re all just trying to sell you something. Never forget that. And now a word from our sponsors.”