Kim Jong-un’s late-breaking, out-of-nowhere invitation to meet with Donald Trump caught the world – and late-night talkers – a bit off guard last night, but Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel filed their comedy RSVPs just in time.

Colbert rushed the news to the top of his Late Show monologue, moving so quickly he garbles a joke at one point, breaking up and getting himself bleeped. “This is how the sausage gets made,” he says.

Diplomatic Observation: “This can only mean one thing: Dennis Rodman is going to get the Nobel Peace Prize.”

Black Tie? North Korea is so broke, Colbert jokes, that the invitation stipulates “BYOEverything.”

Blown Punchline: “How about bringing peace to your own country first?” (Watch the set-up for yourself, above).

Sizing Up: “We’ll finally find out who has a bigger button.”

ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! also kicked off with the host passing on the late-breaking news. “The North Korean leader extended an olive branch to Donald Trump which is a bid deal because olive branches are really the only thing they have to eat there.”

Family Concerns: Noting Trump arrived unannounced in the press room teasing hints of the big news, Kimmel said,  “He’s like the uncle you know will blow a surprise party if you tell him about it.”

Historic Meeting: Kimmel described the Trump-Kim get-together as “The two worst haircuts in the world, together.”

Respond By: The North Korean leader promises to meet by May. “By May?” asks Kimmel. “He’s not still going to be president by May. This need to happen by Wednesday.”

Prediction: “Maybe Kim Jong Un will be the next host of Celebrity Apprentice. You never know where this could lead.”

Watch Colbert above, and Kimmel here: