UPDATED with video: Time for late-night TV to weigh in on Stormy Daniels60 Minutes interview about her alleged affair with Donald Trump.

Trump allegedly watched Shark Week with Stormy Daniels, thus confronting his two biggest fears: Sharks and genuine intimacy.

First, CBS’ Stephen Colbert noted it clocked the newsmag’s highest rating in more than 10 years which means her ratings were higher than Trump’s visit to the show right after he was elected president. “That’s gotta sting,” Colbert laughed.

The interview covered everything: sex with a porn star, how he was spanked with a magazine that had his face on it, how he did not wear a condom and how they watched Shark Week. Then Trump’s lawyer paid her to keep her mouth shut and now Trump is suing the porn star for $20M.

“It’s an insane salacious tale about a sitting president and the least surprising story I have ever heard” about Trump, Colbert said. “That felt truer than him getting elected president,” Colbert snarked.

Most notably, Daniels said the first night they had dinner and wound up in the sack. Trump had started things off boasting about himself and showing her the magazine with his face on the cover. She asked if that line generally worked for him with women, demanded he turn over the magazine and drop his trousers and spanked him with the magazine. After which, she told Anderson Cooper, Trump stopped being such a clunk and his behavior “became more appropriate.”

“Hmmm – a couple of spanks and Trump started acting more appropriate. John Kelly, you know what to do,” Colbert instructed the White House Chief of Staff.