Magnolia Pictures partnered with a Beverly Hills-based technology company, OwnZones Media Network, to power its recently re-launched streaming video app for its genre films.

Mark Cuban’s entertainment group hired the firm to help manage the distribution of its library across multiple platforms. Magnolia tapped into OwnZones’ cloud-based media and logistics platform to manage the digital distribution of its content through a single web-based interface. Though the software company’s partnership with Amazon Web Services, the studio could take advantage of sophisticated transcoding software to quickly adapt a film or TV show in video formats that are appropriate for mobile and connected devices.

“Think of us as the (technology) that allows Magnolia to do all these things, without Magnolia needing to hire massive engineering team,” said OwnZones CEO Dan Goman. “Instead, we have a web console, they log on. If deliveries need to happen, they select a title and destination, and it happens in background.”

OwnZones’ technology enabled the launch Warriors & Gangsters, an online subscription service that streams action films, organized crime tales and interviews with UFC fighters, and powered the over-the-top streaming TV service, AXS TV, which provides concert footage, rock documentaries and original content, such as the reality series Real Money starring rocker Eddie Money.

Most recently, Magnolia used OwnZone’s technology to re-launch its Magnolia Pictures mobile app. This subscription service features a curated collection of films and television series across genres, from action movies and martial arts flicks to monster movies to quirky comedies and documentaries — all delivered to the smartphone.

“OwnZones’ technical expertise and knowledge … helped pave the way for us to reach a new generation of consumers,” said Magnolia Pictures’ Jeff Cuban.