John Oliver continued his Marlon Bundo book tour on Seth MeyersLate Night, explaining his book about Veep Mike Pence’s bunny marrying another male bunny as hook to discuss “his homophobic views.”

“He emphatically is a homophobe,” Oliver insisted, of Pence. “We did a whole piece about his appalling views over his career – especially his friend James Dobson, who is an appalling human being, started an organization called Focus on the Family.”

“Sadly, one of their book events is at Focus on the Family” Oliver said of the Colorado Springs-based org that espoused conversion therapy.

“A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo,” written and published “on the quiet,” is about Pence’s bunny falling in love with another male bunny and getting married. “Because that’s absolutely fine,” Oliver said. “It’s a sweet

children’s book.”

It features a white-haired Stink Bug vehemently  opposed to the marriage. “If you really squint, I supposed you could say that looks like [Pence] because of his hair and his general demeanor and his attitude towards gays,” Oliver conceded.

Meyers informed his viewers that Oliver’s Bundo bunny book is outselling the Pence family’s book,  “Marlon Bundo’s A Day in the Life of The Vice President,”  written by Veeps daughter and illustrated by his wife. Oliver’s bunny book also has kicked former FBI Director James Comey’s upcoming book out of Amazon’s No. 1 spot.

“At that point it’s getting ridiculous,” Oliver laughed. As of taping Tuesday, Oliver’s book had sold 180K copies, “which is definitely more than we were prepared for.”

“A Day In The Life Of Marlon Bundo” also  is getting 4.9 out of 5 stars in Amazon reviews. Some of the one-star reviews have been written by people trolling Trump/Pence voters. Reviews that read, “I fear the writing is above President Trump’s reading level,” and “Love this book posting one star to annoy all the homophobes who will read this and find I think the book is absolutely fabulous.”

“That is some high level trolling…Well done, internet,” Oliver beamed.

Though sold out, Oliver promised a second printing will have copies in book stores in days.

And Meyers reminded, proceeds are going to the Trevor Project and AIDS United.

“I’m sure HBO finds it absolutely hilarious they’re getting no money out of this,” Oliver agreed.