Frances McDormand And #InclusionRider Go Viral After Oscar Speech – Reactions

Best Actress Oscar winner Frances McDormand did very little campaigning for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri during awards season, preferring to let the work speak for itself. But she had two powerful words that were heard round the world on Oscar night: “Inclusion Rider.”

A reference to a clause that allows actors to contractually demand 50% diversity on set, it set the internet ablaze as Oscar watchers searched for the term’s meaning and as folks reacted on social media. Merriam-Webster tweeted that “inclusion” was the dictionary website’s “top search on the night.” It was followed by “cinematography,” “in memoriam,” “feminism” and “rider.”

Backstage, McDormand said she had just learned about the rider. “You can ask for it and demand 50% diversity in crew. The whole idea of women not trending, African Americans not trending; it changes now and the inclusion rider has something to do with that,” she declared.

Coming at the time of #MeToo and Time’sUp, McDormand’s call was heard across the globe as media jumped on the phrase from the UK to Germany, India, Spain and elsewhere. Celebrities and pundits also weighed in after the rousing speech. Check out their reactions below and check back for updates:

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