President Donald Trump tweeted Monday morning that there has never been “more voluminous or more inaccurate” “Fake News” the morning after 60 Minutes aired its interview with porn star Stormy Daniels.

Some political pundits had predicted he might react to the interview bigly – because Stormy had told Anderson Cooper she was not attracted to Trump. And because she said she had not wanted to have sex with the reality-TV star when she accepted a dinner date with him a decade ago and wound up in his hotel suite.  But, she insisted the sexual encounter was consensual – and a one-off.

And then there was the bit about her claiming she asked Trump, when he kicked off their date, bragging about himself and showing her a magazine cover featuring him, if that line usually worked for him. She also claimed she told him to drop his pants so she could spank him with the magazine. Which, she says, he did.

Daniels also detailed, for the first time, claims she was threatened with physical harm by a man, in a Vegas parking lot, in 2011 after she agreed to do a tell-all with a tabloid.

So far, Trump’s only response to the interview has been his tweet about “so much Fake News,” which ended with a nothing-to-see-here declaration that “through it all, our country is doing great!”

Trump’s morning tweet: