UPDATED: At tonight’s Gridiron Dinner, Donald Trump not only accepted this year’s invitation to the annual event, joined in on the verbal jabs and roasting of political figures. Before digging in, Trump made remarks at the event and opened by saying it’s “an honor to be at the dinner and calling the audience “really quality people.”

He then went on to say that it was “another calm week at the White House” and added “we finally have it running like a fine-tuned machine.”

Showing that he had some semblance of a sense of humor, he cracked wise about his family and his members, with one zinger directed at Jared Kushner saying that he “couldn’t get through security.” Of course, this is in reference to his recent downgrade in security clearance.

He also admitted that Mike Pence is one of the funniest people in the White House calling him the “straight man” and then said “He is straight!” a funny way of reminding people of Pence’s sexuality and his stance on sexuality.

The president talked about planning his remarks and said he discussed them with the “funniest” people in the White House including Vice President Pence. Trump called Pence a good “straight man.”

Others that Trump railed on included Jeff Sessions, Steve Bannon, and former White House staffer-turned-Celebrity Big Brother contestant Omarosa — who he called “the worst.”

He then went on to take on the Democrats calling Nancy Pelosi “crazy” but a “fine woman.” He discussed Joe Biden and how he might be running for president in 2020. Trump referred to comments Biden made about wanting to take him out behind a barn and then said, “I would kick his ass like no other….man, would he be easy.”

Also on his menu of mockery were Oprah and Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Once again, he referred to Warren as “Pocahontas” and pushed the Trump-brand humor with a borderline offensive joke suggesting that he and Rex Tillerson should smoke a peace pipe with the Koreans.

Just hours after Donald Trump tweeted “Mainstream media in [the] U.S. is being mocked all over the world. They’ve gone CRAZY!” he attended the Gridiron Dinner where members of the Washington press corps were ready to take him and other political figures down with roast-worthy musical numbers and jokes.

Not known for his ability to take a joke or criticism well, Trump attended the 133rd anniversary of the bipartisan dinner hosted by the Gridiron Club and Foundation with Melania on Saturday. He was invited to the event last year but declined to attend. Instead, Mike Pence attended.

This year Trump attended the event along with Trump’s Cabinet, six senators, four House members, and presidential advisers and his sidekicks Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, according to a statement given to the Associated Press.

At the event, Club President David Lightman and congressional editor for McClatchy News made a jab at Trump, referencing his headline-making inauguration crowd complaints saying that the crowd at the dinner was bigger than Grover Cleveland, who refused to attend the Gridiron Dinner in 1885. He went on to joke “he thought our columns were filled with ‘mean and cowardly lies,'” Lightman said. “He did, however, have a soft spot for Fox & Friends.”

Th dinner, which took place at the Renaissance Washington Hotel, included 660 journalists, media executives, lawmakers, administration officials and military officers. Trump was expected to deliver remarks at the dinner, but before that there was a talent show provided by members of the media including Fox News host Bret Baier who performed a rendition of  “You Can’t Hurry Bob” as Trump’s attorney, Ty Cobb. This, of course, was a parody of the Supremes’ “You Can’ Hurry Love” that poked fun at Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

This Morning co-anchor John Dickerson sang his own parody of “King of the Road” which cracked on Obama’s post-presidency. Another performance included an impersonation of Nancy Pelosi and her attitude toward trump and another included a send-up of Hillary Clinton performing a version of “You’re So Vain” dedicated to Trump