CNN primetime star Don Lemon took to Twitter to correct the record after saying the previous night that Fox News Channel had not covered the surprise announcement by White House Communications Director Hope Hicks that she was stepping down.

During Wednesday night’s discussion of Hick’s stunning announcement, Lemon made a reference to Fox News, calling it “Trump TV”:

“I was sitting in my office and I was watching all of the news channels, right. Trump TV or state run TV, they’re not even reporting this. So, Trump supporters? They don’t even know about these stories, it doesn’t register, that’s the amazing thing.

“We cover all of these things every day. The White House imploding behind him, and he’s standing there going, nothing to see here. But his supporters probably don’t even realize the extent.”

This no doubt came as a surprise to FNC’s Chief White House Correspondent John Roberts, who’d done FNC’s first report about Hicks [you can watch it below].

“We reported it multiple times,” Roberts tweeted in response to Lemon’s remarks. “I reported it on Neil Cavuto’s show, and on The Five. And again at the top of the 6 PM show. And we did it at the top of the 7 PM show. Clearly someone is not watching Fox, but saying they are,” Robert snarked, after first tweeting this:

Thursday morning, Lemon walked it back, calling it a botched attempt to “make a broader point about Fox News prime time:

Here’s Roberts’ first report on FNC: