Comcast Xfinity X1 customers will soon be able to access NPR directly on their TV sets. Comcast and National Public Radio are launching the NPR app on X1 which enables customers to access NPR content by simply saying “NPR” in the X1 voice remote.

NPR content also will be integrated into Xfinity on Demand menus, appearing alongside related content including news, music and more. The app will be rolling out to capable X1 set-top boxes in the coming weeks.

Customers will be able to customize the experience by saying “NPR” or “NPR One” into the voice remote to launch the app, or accessing it directly via the apps menu on X1. Forthcoming features will include the ability to call up a specific NPR program or podcast by name or topic by saying, for example, “Show me Ask Me Another on NPR One;” “Planet Money on NPR One;” “Show me Up First on NPR One;” or “Show me NPR Politics.” X1 customers can also access content from their local NPR Member Station via the NPR One app.

NPR One will join other internet apps including Netflix, YouTube, Pandora and iHeartRadio on the X1 platform.