UPDATE: Disney/Marvel’s Black Panther took its first full steps in China on Friday with an early estimated start of $22.7M. That would make it the 3rd, or 4th, best Day One ever for an MCU title after Avengers: Age Of Ultron (Tuesday opening) and Captain America: Civil War. When the dust settles (this involves previews), it may edge Spider-Man: Homecoming to take the crown of 3rd best start of all time.

BP‘s bow portends a Middle Kingdom weekend opening in the high-$60M to low-$70M range for the Ryan Coogler-helmed movie. That’s above where some saw it heading into the frame, but as we noted in Wednesday’s China preview, there were notions BP would leap above $60M this session.

By Wednesday, advance ticket sales had topped those for Spider-Man: Homecoming by 30%. SMH‘s full first weekend was $71M last September. It finaled at $116.3M. BP now looks poised to play along the same trajectory, although more will be borne out on the ultimates once this weekend plays through. BP will not have long to make a dash for cash with Tomb Raider and Pacific Rim: Uprising entering the market in the following weeks.

Overall, Thursday added enough to pass Spider-Man‘s $418M internationally. It tallied $5.4M in 56 markets for an international box office total through yesterday of $419.5M. The global total is $940.3M through Thursday. The $1B mark is just ahead.