The 90th Oscars arrived and along with it came Deadline’s irreverent annual live blog, which broke down the night that culminated with Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water winning the Best Picture, after del Toro won Best Director of the film that had a leading 13 nominations coming into the night at the Dolby Theatre.

The night did answer several pressing questions, most specifically: Jimmy Kimmel and producers Mike De Luca and Jennifer Todd did finish in triumph this year, as they were doing last Oscarcast until a Tweet-distracted PricewaterhouseCoopers accountant handed Warren Beatty the wrong Best Picture envelope? (Beatty and his Bonnie and Clyde co-star Faye Dunaway got it right this time.)

Here’s how we called it as it happened:

Mike Fleming March 4, 20184:04 pm

So Joe, I think that the normally inane “what are you wearing” E! red carpet interviews have been bearable, wondering if Seacrest would have worse dumped on him in #TimesUp anger than when Sacha Baron Cohen coated his jacket with the ashes of Kim Jong Il. Should he have sat this one out?

Joe Utichi March 4, 20184:06 pm

It’s a distraction; in a year in which TimesUp and MeToo have dominated the conversation, and long-overdue change has been happening, for E! not to line up an alternate plan seems a mistake. 

Joe Utichi March 4, 20184:07 pm

I kind of wish Sacha Baron Cohen was around this year to deal with the Seacrest situation.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20184:08 pm

It illustrates the dilemma with the desire to wash out the detritus, with the potential unfairness of a lack of due process. He denied these allegations and an E! investigation backed him up. But what was he thinking when he took a victory lap in a Hollywood Reporter guest column? It was like a victory lap: hey, I’m not a molester!

Joe Utichi March 4, 20184:09 pm

Taraji P. Henson just told Seacrest: “The universe has a way of taking care of good people, do you know what I mean?” If that isn’t the best shade of the night… Trust Taraji to deliver.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20184:10 pm

It has been so hard doing this job. I can’t tell if the report about Seacrest was fair. After Variety published, they sent emails to every publicist with someone on the red carpet, asking would the client speak to Seacrest. Journalism or witch hunting?

Joe Utichi March 4, 20184:13 pm

The fact that these stories are emerging after years of women feeling they couldn’t speak up – that’s what’s important right now. Let due process convict or acquit Seacrest. But until that happens, perhaps he shouldn’t be around.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20184:13 pm

By the way, we’re here in the Deadline war-room for the night. I’ve arrived in a rather dashing tux. Who are you wearing, Mike Fleming?

Mike Fleming March 4, 20184:13 pm

If Seacrest and E! felt that investigation was credible, why didn’t they release the results? He claimed the alleged victim sought a payoff. She denied it in Variety. Something like that ought to be verifiable. So which is it?

Joe Utichi March 4, 20184:17 pm

As we learned from the Weinstein stories, those payoffs weren’t always so clear-cut. I just watched Frontline’s take on that story. Zelda Perkins thought her settlement with Weinstein would put a stop to his alleged abuses. She didn’t know until last year, when all the stories started to break, that that didn’t happen. There’s still a lot about this Seacrest story left to play out.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20184:18 pm

Bottom line is Seacrest’s defense was lame and he misread the moment. Some of this stuff boggles the mind. I read a piece in the Times of London where Harvey Weinstein’s attorney basically said that if a woman chose to demean herself by sleeping with his client for career gain, that was unfortunate but it’s not rape. That seems a crazy statement to make, insulting to the women, but also Weinstein. You could not make this stuff up.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20184:18 pm

As to who am I wearing, think the Regular Guy look that Rodney Dangerfield employed in Back To School

Joe Utichi March 4, 20184:21 pm

Those statements from Weinstein’s legal reps have been mind-boggling in their tone-deafness.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20184:22 pm

Or maybe it was Big and Tall, I mean the Rodney reference. I should note here that both of us lost some weight on the Clean diet. It started after you, Joe, mentioned that despite the years I have been writing about Guillermo del Toro, you felt that you had become his go-to at Deadline because of your terrific Oscar story on him. I said, if you and I were drowning, and Guillermo could jump in and save one of us, that we would all three drown.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20184:23 pm

So I texted that joke to Guillermo and he suggested we join him on the Clean diet. And we each lost about 25 pounds. And put the weight back on in the stress of the Oscar race. Fun while it lasted though!

Joe Utichi March 4, 20184:25 pm

Look we have to confess to our joint bias here Mike: Guillermo is not just the director of The Shape of Water. He’s also been our personal trainer for the year. It’s no wonder we look the same as we did six months ago.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20184:26 pm

By the way, do you think his Oscar chances were hurt by that lawsuit by the kid of that playwright Paul Zindel and his 1969 play about a custodian trying to liberate a dolphin. And is it fair to say that the allegation was that The Shape of Water re-porpoised that play for the movie?

Joe Utichi March 4, 20184:27 pm

It was clearly an orca-strated campaign, if you ask me.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20184:28 pm

God-awful puns aside, did anyone really buy the timing of that lawsuit? I don’t think it affected voters one jot. A scratch under the surface made the “similarities” between the two works evaporate almost instantly.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20184:29 pm

Rimshot! I will say I thought it crappy they chose to seek publicity the day that Oscar voters began filling out their final ballots. I always found Guillermo to be a man of integrity who has always been generous about his influences. He has two houses filled with life sized figures of those influences. I was glad that Deadline gave him a chance to explain to the voters.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20184:30 pm

(PS, I know dolphins aren’t orcas. But Free Willy has more in common with that play than Shape does, and that’s actually about an orca.)

Mike Fleming March 4, 20184:31 pm

If there is merit to those claims, we will cover them when they are adjudicated by the courts. But the timing of that suit smacked of the dirty trickstering that is the most unsavory part of the Oscar race. Possible that someone with a horse in the race wanted to hobble the frontrunner?

Joe Utichi March 4, 20184:36 pm

This season is a long ride, and so many of these kinds of stories pop up each year that it’s hard not to believe dirty tricks campaigns are going on behind the scenes. You have to come to your own conclusions about where each of these negative stories come from. 

Mike Fleming March 4, 20184:37 pm

One more on the #MeToo and #TimesUp stuff that will certainly be part of tonight’s mix. James Franco was Spirit Awards nominated for Best Actor for The Disaster Artist and when his name was called, nobody applauded like they did for everyone else. Worst thing that ever happened to that guy was winning the Golden Globe and wearing the lapel pin. It cost him an Oscar nom for a most worthy performance and seems to have really hurt his career. He should have been transparent, immediately. Big mistake.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20184:38 pm

Shape also suffered when the Independent Spirit Awards nominations were announced. How can a film like that—a frontrunner everywhere else, and clearly within their budget cap—not make the grade? Perhaps they didn’t feel it… or perhaps the level of its ambition made it easy for third parties to suggest that it cost more than it actually did. I was there: I saw the way del Toro had to make every last cent go further. 

Mike Fleming March 4, 20184:41 pm

Do you agree with me that the best moment of the Spirit Awards was the electric speech Dee Rees gave in Mudbound winning the John Cassevetes Award? In a tough awards season, for me she is one of the bright spots, a young confident filmmaker who makes you feel good about the future of this business.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20184:44 pm

On Shape of Water, the Spirits probably didn’t believe he could put that much production value on the screen for less than the $20 million budget cap. I’m sure there was manipulation there, but it was pretty cool to see Get Out have a few moments. I spent time with Jordan Peele and Daniel Kaluuya for our last Oscar cover, where they dissected the formula that kept that “woke” genre film on track. Those two guys, more reason to feel good about the future of movies in an uncertain time.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20184:44 pm

That speech was almost definitely the best awards show speech I’ve ever witnessed. We put Dee on the cover of one of our print editions this year. I feel she deserved a Director nomination for Mudbound, a truly singular work. I am thrilled she gets to leave this season, at the very least, as an Oscar nominee (she got a Best Adapted Screenplay nod for the movie).  I think she’s got a big career ahead.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20184:45 pm

So, Mike, since you mentioned Get Out, do you buy the scuttlebutt of the last few days that it could take Best Picture tonight? The preferential ballot has made predicting the big prize that much more difficult – I actually like that about it. I think Shape and Three Billboards are in prime position here tonight, but I also feel that a surprise could come from Lady Bird or Get Out.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20184:48 pm

People say the eccentricities of the preferrential ballot made it possible for Moonlight’s upset last year. I just don’t know. It is one of those years where no matter the film, if it wins you would be hard pressed to complain. That doesn’t happen often. By the way, my favorite film of 2017 wasn’t nominated. I thought Wind River was spectacular, and so moving. The association with Weinstein and that scandal put the film in a bad spot, and the Native American tribes that took over the awards marketing didn’t do enough advertising to be a factor here. But I think the film was terrific and that writer/director Taylor Sheridan is to movies what Cormac McCarthy is to literature.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20184:52 pm

I wound up agreeing with you on Wind River. I wasn’t a fan out of Sundance, but Sheridan went into that festival knowing he had some more work to do, and in search of the money to do it. When I screened his release version later, a fair movie had become an excellent piece of work. I would have been happy to see it on this list.

But I can’t be cynical about the selection we’ve ended up with here. If any of the four films I mentioned were to win tonight, it’d be hard to disagree with the result.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20184:56 pm

We’re a few minutes away from this show getting on the road. My final predictions: Gary Oldman for Best Actor, Frances McDormand for Best Actress, Sam Rockwell for Supporting Actor, Allison Janney for Supporting Actress, Guillermo del Toro for Director and for Best Picture? I’m going Shape, but I would like the record to state that I do believe Lady Bird could be the big surprise.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20184:57 pm

I thought that the oscars would start with Jimmy Kimmel introducing Moonlight’s cast and filmmakers to give the speech they didn’t really get to after the snafu. Kimmel said they offered, and the filmmakers said, nah. we’re good. that was gracious. But I love how they owned the mistake and the commercials for the Oscarcast with Beatty were very funny

Mike Fleming March 4, 20184:57 pm

As for your predictions, way to go out on a limb, Joe!

Joe Utichi March 4, 20184:58 pm

I guess those categories – Best Picture excepted – wound up being fairly predictable, huh? If any of those folks *don’t* win tonight, we have a surprise on our hands.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20184:59 pm

Good thing the world at large doesn’t oscar vote. They would have thought Lady Bird was a biopic about LBJ’s wife. In any case, if there was a film to upset Shape of Water, it would be Get Out or Three Billboards. But i think that Shape of Water will win the day.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20185:00 pm

Here we go.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20185:01 pm

This newsreel bit is a solid start. 

Joe Utichi March 4, 20185:02 pm

Do they have enough crystals on this set?

Joe Utichi March 4, 20185:04 pm

Unfortunate? Interesting choice of word for what happened last year.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20185:09 pm

btw, jimmy kimmel not repped by WME

Mike Fleming March 4, 20185:10 pm

He makes due with the famous manager James “Baby Doll” Dixon

Mike Fleming March 4, 20185:11 pm

Guillermo del Toro looking svelte

Joe Utichi March 4, 20185:12 pm

As svelte as you and me, Mike.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20185:12 pm

Clean diet shout out!

Joe Utichi March 4, 20185:12 pm

He’s wearing a handkerchief with the Shape wallpaper pattern on it. I’m planning to steal that from him later, fyi. Don’t tell anyone.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20185:13 pm

What a kicker with the jet-ski. Helen Mirren makes a pretty great prize-stroker.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20185:13 pm

first time the words Helen Mirren and jet ski used in the same sentence

Joe Utichi March 4, 20185:14 pm

What are you talking about Mike? I’m always jet-skiing with the Dame.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20185:14 pm

Too early to suggest that Jimmy Kimmel just be the Oscar host from here on in? The guy just gets it.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20185:14 pm

Here we go with the customary Montage Of Movies bit.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20185:15 pm

I love the montages. It is the 90th, after all. hopefully a new generation will seek out those classic films. And watch on their iPhones.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20185:16 pm

Kimmel knows how to meter an awards show intro so that it’s perfectly sober and perfectly funny. I tend to prefer a slightly more risque MC though. Ricky Gervais mocking the audience is my favored speed. Maybe it’s a British thing?

Mike Fleming March 4, 20185:16 pm

Sam Rockwell’s going to win, but damn was Willem Dafoe great in Florida Project.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20185:17 pm

The man missing from this category: Michael Stuhlbarg. For that speech in Call Me by Your Name alone. But also for Shape and The Post. What an actor, bafflingly unrecognized tonight.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20185:17 pm

Not the time for Ricky Gervais, right now. And the Globes was a funeral this year, don’t forget. Oscars needs to balance humor with class. Kimmel is the perfect host.

Patrick Hipes March 4, 20185:18 pm

WINNER: ACTOR IN A SUPPORTING ROLE – SAM ROCKWELL, Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri

Joe Utichi March 4, 20185:18 pm

That means I’m running 100% on my predictions this year. No big deal.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20185:18 pm

What a stacked category. Five wonderful performances.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20185:20 pm

Wow Rockwell really does want the jet-ski. Nice shoutout to Philip Seymour Hoffman at the end.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20185:20 pm

Killer acceptance speech by Sam Rockwell. And the first Oscar for Fox Searchlight. Disney doesn’t have much in these Oscars. Hopefully Bob Iger is watching anyway as he tries to figure out how to gut Fox when Disney acquires it.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20185:22 pm

What a year Searchlight has had. They’ve got one hell of a staff at that studio and they’re backing the right kind of movies. Let’s hope that continues in the wake of this acquistion.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20185:26 pm

Hey Armie Hammer. Bobby Vinton wants his velvet tux back!

Joe Utichi March 4, 20185:26 pm

I think that reference is a bit before my time, Mike.

Patrick Hipes March 4, 20185:26 pm

WINNER: MAKEUP AND HAIRSTYLING – DARKEST HOUR, Kazuhiro Tsuji, David Malinowski and Lucy Sibbick

Joe Utichi March 4, 20185:27 pm

What a story Kazu has. He quit the industry after a miserable experience on The Grinch. Oldman had to tempt him back. He thought Kazu was the only one that could get the job done.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20185:27 pm

I still think Hugh Grant is Britain’s best Prime Minister. But Gary Oldman is good as Churchill. Thoughts, Joe? You are British, i think.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20185:28 pm

I am not rising to any Love, Actually bait tonight Mike. Sensible people know that film is a scourge.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20185:28 pm

To film, to art, to good taste.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20185:28 pm

Wait, what? The only question is, what is the best story arc. Grant’s is great, but I think right now I am really feeling that Colin Firth love story arc.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20185:29 pm

Eva Marie Saint, if anyone deserves a Standing O it’s this woman.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20185:29 pm

(Ignoring you)

Joe Utichi March 4, 20185:29 pm

Oh take a look at the way they’ve redesigned these Oscar envelopes. There can be no mistaking the categories tonight, huh?

Mike Fleming March 4, 20185:30 pm

Good spot. Indeed hard to screw up, with 250 size typeface. This seems like it is accountant proof.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20185:31 pm

You know the accountants are the ones that stuff the envelopes, though, right?

Mike Fleming March 4, 20185:31 pm

Eva is not winning the jet ski

Mike Fleming March 4, 20185:31 pm

They are also known to Tweet

Patrick Hipes March 4, 20185:31 pm


Joe Utichi March 4, 20185:32 pm

Gee, a movie called “Phantom Thread” winning a Costume Design Oscar. Whodathunk it?

Joe Utichi March 4, 20185:32 pm

(Congrats to Mark Bridges etc.)

Mike Fleming March 4, 20185:32 pm

I thought Phantom Thread was the most unexpectedly funny movie. When his muse was buttering toast or moving the chair…this movie was louder than Transformers. Daniel Day-Lewis’ reactions were priceless. Shall we sit here and name the actors we’d like to see retire instead of him?

Joe Utichi March 4, 20185:34 pm

I’m not going to engage in that kind of negativity. (Christian Bale)

Mike Fleming March 4, 20185:36 pm

Obviously you didn’t see Heathers.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20185:36 pm

That was Christian Slater, who is *excellent*.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20185:37 pm

Actually, Bale is pretty great in Newsies, it has to be said.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20185:37 pm

I had my christians mixed up. How could you defile the star of Hostiles? He killed that role and should have been nominated. Keep it up, Joe, and it’s going to be Go Time for me and you.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20185:38 pm

Yeah, I wasn’t a big Hostiles fan, I’m afraid.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20185:38 pm

Wow, did Jimmy just filch Seth Meyers line about Hope leaving the White House a year ago?

Joe Utichi March 4, 20185:39 pm

“filch”. I am not a fan of that word. Urgh.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20185:39 pm

It might get worse.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20185:39 pm

OK Mike, you’ll definitely have seen every one of these documentaries. What should win here?

Mike Fleming March 4, 20185:40 pm

A documentary, probably

Patrick Hipes March 4, 20185:40 pm


Mike Fleming March 4, 20185:41 pm

Big win for Netflix on Icarus. Take that, Peter Bart!

Joe Utichi March 4, 20185:41 pm

OK, what are the odds Russia hacks next year’s Oscars?

Mike Fleming March 4, 20185:42 pm

They aren’t winning the jet ski

Joe Utichi March 4, 20185:43 pm

I’d rather an Oscar than a jet-ski.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20185:44 pm

The first of our musical performances. How can a show featuring performances from Mary J. Blige AND Sufjan Stevens not become the greatest show ever presented?

Joe Utichi March 4, 20185:45 pm

I’m giving this Oscar show five stars already.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20185:46 pm

Aretha Franklin hand picked Jennifer Hudson to play her in that movie that MGM is putting together. She has the Oscar and the pipes. But I have to say, Mary J Blige could have nailed that too. Hard to remember the last time I saw a singer make that kind of transition to the screen. Such a disciplined, unglamorous performance that totally anchored Mudbound. And now she gets to return to diva status here on the Oscars.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20185:47 pm

A great performance, and I hope Blige has a long acting career ahead.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20185:48 pm

You can’t give the Oscars a grade when they’ve handed out three awards. It is very good but I miss Matt Damon

Joe Utichi March 4, 20185:48 pm

Mary J. Blige *and* Sufjan Stevens, Mike. These are the twin pillars of greatness.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20185:54 pm

Has that accountant from last year begun working for the Academy? they have sent out transcripts of backstage interviews. We were just sent the interview with Casey Affleck and Kenneth Lonergan for Manchester By The Sea. I thought Casey was sitting this year out.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20185:55 pm

You’re ragging on this accountant pretty hard here. What’s the statute of limitations?

Mike Fleming March 4, 20185:55 pm

Joe, is that the theme music from love actually?

Joe Utichi March 4, 20185:56 pm

No comment.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20185:57 pm

Ansel Elgort is in one of the films nominated in this category. Isn’t that some kind of conflict of interest?

Joe Utichi March 4, 20185:58 pm

I don’t know much about Sound Editing, but I have to say, Baby Driver definitely had it. And it was pretty good. Maybe. I think.

Patrick Hipes March 4, 20185:58 pm

WINNER: SOUND EDITING – DUNKIRKRichard King and Alex Gibson

Joe Utichi March 4, 20185:59 pm

Dunkirk, of course, also had Sound Editing.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20185:59 pm

Good call. Hard to beat the sounds of bullets whizzing by in Dolby sound. As Jimmy Kimmel told Deadline the other day, if you saw Dunkirk on an iPhone, it was like eating truffle pasta with a plastic fork.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20186:00 pm

Wow these guys might be in the lead for the jet ski now…

Mike Fleming March 4, 20186:00 pm

They have set the high bar.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20186:00 pm

PS, do you think they have to take the jet ski tonight or can they come back for it later? I don’t know if stretch limos have a towbar…

Patrick Hipes March 4, 20186:01 pm

WINNER: SOUND MIXING – DUNKIRK, Mark Weingarten, Gregg Landaker and Gary A. Rizzo

Mike Fleming March 4, 20186:01 pm

They have to engrave those jet skis, just like the Oscar statues. It will take time.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20186:01 pm

A double win for Dunkirk. It is now leading, by default.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20186:02 pm

No jet ski for this half of the Dunkirk sound team, though.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20186:03 pm

Those guys got off just before Lakeith took the stage.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20186:04 pm

If it’s true there’s no grand fanfare for overlong speeches this year, and that one would probably have been played off in recent years, I’m all for it. This is the biggest moment in peoples’ careers. Playing them off after a minute or so never sat well with me.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20186:06 pm

It seemed at the Globes they started playing off the men just as they were walking up to accept their award. Don’t you think the Globes made it possible for these Oscars to be less polemical and more fun?

Joe Utichi March 4, 20186:07 pm

Or we have some more outspoken moments still to come. It’s early days.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20186:09 pm

And there we go. Lupita and Kumail make a point on immigrant dreamers. “We stand with you.” Nicely done.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20186:09 pm

Rather classy shot at President Trump’s stance on immigration.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20186:11 pm

And The Shape of Water is on the board!

Patrick Hipes March 4, 20186:11 pm

WINNER: PRODUCTION DESIGN – THE SHAPE OF WATERProduction Design: Paul Denham Austerberry; Set  Decoration: Shane Vieau and Jeff Melvin

Joe Utichi March 4, 20186:11 pm

It’s the first win for The Shape of Water. Paul Austerberry’s production design on this movie was exceptional given the limited budget. Standing on those sets was a sight to behold.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20186:11 pm

Goddamn, I really want one of these Shape of Water handerchiefs.

Patrick Hipes March 4, 20186:11 pm

WINNER: PRODUCTION DESIGN – THE SHAPE OF WATERProduction Design: Paul Denham Austerberry; Set Decoration: Shane Vieau and Jeff Melvin

Mike Fleming March 4, 20186:12 pm

You deserve nothing

Joe Utichi March 4, 20186:12 pm

We’ll see how Guillermo feels about that later tonight, shall we?

Mike Fleming March 4, 20186:12 pm


Joe Utichi March 4, 20186:13 pm

I mean, about giving me a handkerchief!!! 

Joe Utichi March 4, 20186:16 pm

Dawn suggests this musical number is a bit “It’s a Small World”. Just passing that on.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20186:16 pm

btw, joe, i won a very important award this weekend from the publicists guild, so at least one of us won’t walk away empty handed. I took a picture of it:

Joe Utichi March 4, 20186:17 pm

That looks about right.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20186:18 pm

That joke wasn’t very funny when you made it for the first time on Friday. But you go with it.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20186:18 pm

It is new to the four people reading this Blog

Joe Utichi March 4, 20186:18 pm

They are so lucky.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20186:21 pm

Oscar’s first controversy! I’m waiting for the outraged tweets from the residents of Lake Havasu.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20186:21 pm

Is that a Dorito on Jimmy Kimmel’s head?

Mike Fleming March 4, 20186:21 pm

Flavor blasted Dorito.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20186:23 pm

(I’ve already found one of those tweets by the way. *sigh*)

Mike Fleming March 4, 20186:23 pm

Unfortunately, I am familiar with that breed of Dorito. You too, Joe?

Joe Utichi March 4, 20186:23 pm

I haven’t even seen a Dorito since Guillermo banned me from eating them.

Patrick Hipes March 4, 20186:24 pm


Joe Utichi March 4, 20186:24 pm

Our own Nancy Tartaglione has been tracking the Foreign Language race this year. This was one of my favorite pieces this season, with each of the nominated directors.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20186:25 pm

Sebastián Lelio’s film won yesterday at the Indie Spirits also.

Patrick Hipes March 4, 20186:29 pm


Joe Utichi March 4, 20186:29 pm

Still rocking 100% on these predictions of mine. I am a sage.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20186:30 pm

Ha, “I did it all by myself.” It’s this year’s “You like me, you really like me!”

Joe Utichi March 4, 20186:31 pm

(Albeit delivered with Janney’s trademark sarcasm)

Mike Fleming March 4, 20186:31 pm

I saw I, Tonya at its Toronto premiere, before it was bid on by buyers and won by NEON and 30WEST. It was so clear at that screening that Allison Janney was unbeatable in this Best Supporting Actress category. Terrific movie, fearless performances by both Janney and Margot Robbie.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20186:31 pm

She didn’t thank the bird, the one pecking her ear in all the film’s best scenes.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20186:31 pm

First Sufjan Stevens shoutout from the announcer! He is on his way!

Mike Fleming March 4, 20186:32 pm

While we’re watching classic clips, it seems as good a time to any to
inject just how distracted i am by your shoes, joe. here’s a picture:

Mike Fleming March 4, 20186:33 pm

Hey Joe. Dorothy wants her shoes back!

Joe Utichi March 4, 20186:33 pm

I’ve got style, Fleming. I’ll have you know these shoes are Richard Jenkins, Andrea Riseborough AND Sam Rockwell approved. I might get them their own Twitter account.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20186:34 pm

You might have chosen a slightly more flattering angle, though.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20186:34 pm


Joe Utichi March 4, 20186:35 pm

If I took a picture of your shoes we’d lose all four of our readers instantly.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20186:36 pm

These shoes came with a balloon and a comic book

Joe Utichi March 4, 20186:36 pm

As the commenters point out, by the way, Allison Janney DID thank the bird. Get it right.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20186:36 pm

i feel like you just flipped me the bird

Mike Fleming March 4, 20186:36 pm

maybe i just wanted to see if anyone was reading this and paying attention

Mike Fleming March 4, 20186:37 pm

Is this Star Wars moment happening because of the ABC/Disney connection? is Star Wars the last jedi coming out on video?

Joe Utichi March 4, 20186:38 pm

Let’s inject some serious prognostication here, Mike. You’ll have screened all of the animated shorts. What did you think of them?

Patrick Hipes March 4, 20186:38 pm


Mike Fleming March 4, 20186:38 pm

they were mercifully short

Joe Utichi March 4, 20186:38 pm

Unlike Kobe.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20186:39 pm

Like Kobe needs another trophy. Do you think he has any participant ribbons?

Patrick Hipes March 4, 20186:41 pm

WINNER: ANIMATED FEATURE FILM – COCO, Lee Unkrich and Darla K. Anderson

Mike Fleming March 4, 20186:42 pm

That is the first Oscar for Disney. But if you add the two that Searchlight won, and the bushel to come, it could be a good omen for the future once the Mouse swallows the Fox

Joe Utichi March 4, 20186:43 pm

A further shoutout to marginalized people. The politics is bubbling here, but there’s a lighter touch than we’ve seen elsewhere.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20186:44 pm


Joe Utichi March 4, 20186:45 pm

I interviewed Stevens in Phase One. Talk about prescience.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20186:45 pm

Nice song, but are you tearing up, Joe?

Joe Utichi March 4, 20186:46 pm

I have a heart. You should try it.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20186:46 pm

Sufjan’s jacket would go well with your shoes, joe

Mike Fleming March 4, 20186:46 pm

I got misty when they played the love actually theme.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20186:46 pm

Like the song, it is perfect.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20186:52 pm

Sing that song again, Sufjan.

Said no one, ever.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20186:52 pm

You didn’t know who he was yesterday. Which is really, really sad for you.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20186:53 pm

I’ve been riding the Sufjan train since at least 2007.

Patrick Hipes March 4, 20186:53 pm

WINNER: VISUAL EFFECTS- BLADE RUNNER 2049, John Nelson, Gerd Nefzer, Paul Lambert and Richard R. Hoover

Mike Fleming March 4, 20186:53 pm

You are right. Who had the better fruit boning scene, Timothee Chalamet in Call Me By Your Your Name, or Jason Biggs in American Pie?

Joe Utichi March 4, 20186:54 pm

So the first Oscar for Blade Runner, and the third for WB. Blade Runner was seen as a frontrunner possibility when it first screened, then it fizzled at the box office and rather disappeared. I’m actually disappointed this didn’t go to War for the Planet of the Apes. What an achievement that series of films has been.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20186:55 pm

It was an incredible movie to watch on the big screen. It took like forever for the original to be considered a Ridley Scott classic. This one will finds its reverence over time.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20186:56 pm

A shoutout to our commenter following along on the way back from the Bahamas. We’re proud to call you our fifth reader.

Patrick Hipes March 4, 20186:56 pm


Mike Fleming March 4, 20186:56 pm

Those shoes of yours would be outlawed in the Bahamas Joe.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20186:57 pm

I’d better get a trip to the Bahamas as a bonus after taking all this abuse for my superior fashion sense.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20186:57 pm

That’s a third for Dunkirk – no other movie has more than one.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20186:57 pm

Could Dunkirk acutally be the Best Picture upset? What do you think, Mike?

Mike Fleming March 4, 20186:58 pm

It was a pretty great movie, Joe. But I would say unlikely. It made a crap ton of money, too.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20186:59 pm

Remember that technically Best Picture is the producers’ award. You can’t argue that pulling a film like that together is like ascending Everest a half dozen times without oxygen. Emma Thomas and Nolan, who also produces, did a blinding job making tha movie happen.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20187:00 pm

A Wrinkle in Time. Another Disney movie. ABC’s sister company.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20187:01 pm

Was it Ellen DeGeneres that started the “Let’s Involve Members of the Public” thing at the Oscars?

Joe Utichi March 4, 20187:01 pm

If only Pete Hammond were here to answer that question. He is like a walking Oscars wikipedia.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20187:02 pm

I keep bringing up the tie-ins with Disney, which didn’t get much love in Oscar nominations. Soon it won’t be necessary because they will own the entire movie business.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20187:02 pm

True enough. 

Joe Utichi March 4, 20187:02 pm

What happens when one studio runs everything? Do they have to compete with themselves each weekend?

Mike Fleming March 4, 20187:03 pm

It can’t be good. I know that.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20187:04 pm

From a commenter: “Ellen may have started the let’s involve the audience, but it always seemed about Ellen. Kimmel seems to be more interested in the actual public.” Agreed. (It looks like we’re up to six readers, Mike!)

Mike Fleming March 4, 20187:06 pm

This bit is taking a long time. Jimmy Kimmel won’t win the jet ski, either.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20187:06 pm

There’s never a bad moment to interrupt a show with a hotdog cannon.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20187:07 pm

This is a set up. A Wrinkle In Time hasn’t opened yet, has it?

Joe Utichi March 4, 20187:07 pm

It might be the British in me, but I think I’d be a bit annoyed if I had a movie interrupted by a bunch of movie stars.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20187:08 pm

Do you think they would have done with this a Warner Bros movie, if Disney didn’t have a big mvie about to drop?
btw, i would rather have the hot dog cannon than the jet ski

Joe Utichi March 4, 20187:08 pm

The screening is clearly a special preview but I don’t think the audience knew this was going to happen. I’m cynical but I’m not THAT cynical.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20187:09 pm

He’s holding Junior Mints. Does Disney own that candy company too?

Joe Utichi March 4, 20187:10 pm

“Really enjoying following your live blog on a bullet train from Shanghai to Beijing” – Wow! Wait, are you the real Renny Harlin??

Joe Utichi March 4, 20187:11 pm

How about Tiffany Haddish and Maya Rudolph for MCs next year?

Patrick Hipes March 4, 20187:12 pm


Joe Utichi March 4, 20187:13 pm

I’d vote for Heaven is a Traffic Jam on the 405 based on the title alone.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20187:13 pm

But, for the record, Deadline HQ is right next to the 405, and I can report from a glance out the window that it’s moving pretty smoothly right now.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20187:13 pm

I thought Tiffany Haddish and Maya Rudolph were a little too frantic. Let’s keep Kimmel.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20187:14 pm

This is a touching little short. I recommend taking a look. Here’s a link. Watch it later, obviously.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20187:15 pm

Nice job, Joe. Link to a movie. There goes four of our six blog readers.

Patrick Hipes March 4, 20187:15 pm


Joe Utichi March 4, 20187:16 pm

Hey, I think we’re up to eight now. Maybe nine!

Joe Utichi March 4, 20187:17 pm

Just for that, here’s a link to The Silent Child. Again, readers, please… Take a look tomorrow. We are counting on your positive reinforcement here.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20187:18 pm

How could they play off those filmmakers? i thought they weren’t going to do that.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20187:18 pm

Ah, I guess I spoke too soon earlier. Can’t we start a campaign to stop the playing off? We already know these awards shows are endless. Why not have them be a little more endless?

Joe Utichi March 4, 20187:20 pm

A reference from Common there to the places Trump dubbed “shithole countries”. This seems like the most recurring political theme of the night.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20187:22 pm

“You are funnier than Jimmy Kimmel tonight. Regards from Serbia” says a reader. Is it self-congratulatory to be sharing these?

Mike Fleming March 4, 20187:22 pm

We’ve seen the influx of movie stars doing commercials here. It never bothered me until it just marginalized the touching nature of Common’s performance. It seemed like his Microsoft commercial i see running 50 times a day

Mike Fleming March 4, 20187:23 pm

That guy just became head of our Serbian bureau that we don’t have.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20187:25 pm

“Don’t worry. Not as funny as Kimmel.” Everyone’s a critic.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20187:28 pm

Ashley Judd, Annabella Sciorra, and Salma Hayek deliver a powerful moment here introducing a video addressing inclusion, gender and TimesUp.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20187:30 pm

I met Ronan Farrow at the WME party. I loved this guy’s reporting on the #MeToo movement, and I told him that i believed that I have food in my freezer older than him. He seems too young to be doing such great work. We talked about Annabella Sciorra and how emotional it was for her to share her traumatic story and how she is coming back from it. I remember seeing her the first time in the Nancy Savoca film True Love, and when she did that torrid arc of episodes opposite James Gandolfini, I thought, where has this woman been? So glad she is back. Ronan’s reporting on her was the most gutting thing I have read, of all the traumatic stories that have been written since last October.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20187:31 pm

“We need your movie. I need your movie. So go make it.” Greta Gerwig signs off the video beautifully.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20187:31 pm

This is Adapted Screenplay. If James Ivory wins tonight he will become the oldest Oscar winner ever.

Patrick Hipes March 4, 20187:32 pm


Mike Fleming March 4, 20187:33 pm

Now, this guy is a legend.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20187:33 pm

And he does it! This is a historic moment. James Ivory never won an Oscar despite so many classics under the Merchant Ivory banner.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20187:34 pm

Three nominations, first win.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20187:35 pm

“In voting for me you are remembering them” Ivory says of his late Merchant Ivory collaborators. Truly touching.

Patrick Hipes March 4, 20187:36 pm


Joe Utichi March 4, 20187:37 pm

A first win for Get Out. 

Mike Fleming March 4, 20187:37 pm

That original screenplay category was so stacked. Incredible that Jordan Peele accomplished so much on his first film.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20187:39 pm

Jordan has the Emmy. He’s halfway to the elusive EGOT. if he can sing, he’s got a real shot.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20187:39 pm

Keegan-Michael Key has some catching up to do, huh?

Joe Utichi March 4, 20187:41 pm

“Yes, this is Renny for real. I’m living in China, making my third movie here. I love it here, and with your help, I know everything that’s going on in Hollywood!” Nice one, Renny!

Joe Utichi March 4, 20187:41 pm

We’re 17 categories in and Dunkirk is the only film with multiple wins – three to be exact. This is going to be tight.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20187:42 pm

They are really spreading around the hardware. You get a trophy! And you get a trophy! And you get a trophy!
But Joe, there are no prizes for your Dorothy shoes

Joe Utichi March 4, 20187:42 pm

They are their own prize, Mike.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20187:43 pm

What happens if you click your heels three times? have you tried?

Joe Utichi March 4, 20187:44 pm

Tom Ford appears to compliment me.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20187:45 pm

I interviewed Tom Ford for Nocturnal Animals. On the condition he not judge me. I suspect he did, anyway.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20187:45 pm

He definitely, definitely did.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20187:45 pm

Kimmel’s first Matt Damon zinger of the night.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20187:46 pm

Kimmel, a B-12 shot to keep the Oscars hopping

Joe Utichi March 4, 20187:47 pm

I’m glad someone pointed out the insanity of those crystals. What if they fall down? The entire front row would be wiped out.

Patrick Hipes March 4, 20187:48 pm


Joe Utichi March 4, 20187:50 pm

A second for Blade Runner, a first (long overdue) win for Deakins. Important to note: Blade Runner was only a WB movie domestically. Sony is behind the movie, investing with Alcon as worldwide partners and distributing international.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20187:50 pm

(That’s a corrective for my comment earlier)

Joe Utichi March 4, 20187:52 pm

This Is Me. This Is The Last Of Our Musical Numbers.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20187:54 pm

This Is A Stirring Performance. I sadly missed The Greatest Showman. Gotta correct that. “Hugh Jackman Musical” is my favorite trigger phrase.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20187:55 pm

The crystal-choked set certainly does look a bit like they borrowed the set from Batman and Robin. 

Joe Utichi March 4, 20187:55 pm

I think Mike Fleming might have fallen asleep by the way. He’s been a bit quiet lately.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20187:55 pm

Ah I see what happened now. He spent the last 30 minutes trying to work out how to embed a photo in the live blog.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20187:56 pm

I remember when George Clooney was driving, and looked up and saw a billboard that had him as Batman and Schwarzenegger as Mr Freeze, with George saying “Freeze. Freeze.”

The billboard said, “For Your Consideration.” I think Matt Damon did it.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20187:56 pm

Commenter Jimmy says “This has actually been a really good show so far.” Hoping his second name isn’t Kimmel.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20187:57 pm

And Brad Pitt was his accomplice as I recall.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20187:57 pm

Those guys have to start pranking one another again. I miss those gags.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20187:57 pm

How many tux changes has Kimmel had so far, by the way? He needs a pair of shoes like mine. Then he’d never have to change.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20187:59 pm

The one with Richard Kind is the best one. George kept hiding the turds Kind’s cat was leaving in the litterbox. George suggested he get the cat a laxative. He emptied the bottle and said he had given the whole thing to the cat. Then, George took a dump in the cat box. And Richard Kind thought the cat was going to die. True Story.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20187:59 pm

Christopher Walken here, eschewing a cummerbund in favor of pulling his pants up really, really high. He can do as he pleases, of course.

Patrick Hipes March 4, 20187:59 pm


Joe Utichi March 4, 20187:59 pm

OK, Mike, that is the most disturbing story I’ve ever heard. Really reframes George Clooney in my mind.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20187:59 pm

The one with Richard Kind is the best one. They were roommates. George kept hiding the turds Kind’s cat was leaving in the litterbox. George suggested he get the cat a laxative. He emptied the bottle and said he had given the whole thing to the cat. Then, George took a dump in the cat box. And Richard Kind thought the cat was going to die. True Story.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20188:00 pm

A second win for Shape of Water, the third film to log more than one win. Desplat’s score strikes a chord (no pun intended) every time I hear it.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20188:01 pm

If I’d had to guess the topics we’d cover tonight “cat turds” would not have been on the list.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20188:01 pm

OK, here we go with Original Song. COME ON SUFJAN.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20188:02 pm

Would have thought that “Clooney turd” would have been more of a shocker.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20188:02 pm

Nah, “Clooney turd” seems to come up pretty often when the two of us talk, to be fair.

Patrick Hipes March 4, 20188:02 pm

WINNER: ORIGINAL SONG – “REMEMBER ME,” from Coco; Music and Lyric by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez

Joe Utichi March 4, 20188:03 pm

Not super thrilled with this result, to be honest. Happy for Coco. But SUFJAN goddamn it.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20188:04 pm

They have lost the jet ski

Joe Utichi March 4, 20188:04 pm

And nearly got played off when Robert Lopez was delivering a sweet tribute to his late mom. Nice one, Oscars.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20188:06 pm

Eddie Vedder singing on In Memoriam. 

Mike Fleming March 4, 20188:07 pm

Nice that they included Jill Messick.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20188:09 pm

Always a tough moment in the show.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20188:10 pm

Directing is coming up after this commercial break. This is the start of the big categories. 

Mike Fleming March 4, 20188:10 pm


Joe Utichi March 4, 20188:10 pm

Just doing this for your benefit, Mike. I know you get tired after 7:30.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20188:12 pm

What are the odds on this finishing up before 9PM this year? Only four categories to go. Worried I’m going to lose you if we go any later.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20188:13 pm

Now that you have told me that the big categories are up, i am braced for excitement.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20188:13 pm

Emma Stone, first clean #TimesUp shot of the night!

Patrick Hipes March 4, 20188:14 pm


Joe Utichi March 4, 20188:14 pm


Joe Utichi March 4, 20188:14 pm

Congrats to the Big Man. God love him.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20188:14 pm


Mike Fleming March 4, 20188:16 pm

Nice shout out to Fox Searchlight’s Steve Gilula and Nancy Utley and their team. They did buy this crazy movie on a pitch. Disney would be wise to keep them. And as much of Fox as possible.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20188:18 pm

Now Guillermo Del Toro is the last of the Three Amigos to win the Oscar. It completes the triangle. I can imagine how much Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu and Alfonso Cuaron are whooping it up right now.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20188:19 pm

These guys have dominated in the last few years, with some of the best movies of the decade.

Patrick Hipes March 4, 20188:24 pm


Joe Utichi March 4, 20188:25 pm

Still 100% on those predictions from earlier tonight. I really should have some kind of professional occupation centered around awards.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20188:25 pm

It’s dark out now. Do you predict daylight 12 hours from now? Because your choices are that kind of obvious. Kreskin you are not.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20188:26 pm

You could say it’s the darkest… HOUR.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20188:26 pm

Wow. You are en fuego.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20188:26 pm

Gary Oldman goes home without a jet ski.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20188:27 pm

Fun fact: The Academy will buy an Oscar back for a token $1. So you’d need approximately 10,000 Oscars to buy a jet ski. Meryl may have had this plan for a while.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20188:28 pm

After all these years being overdue for the Oscar, Gary Oldman can buy his own damn jet ski if he wants one.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20188:30 pm

Loving this Streep ribbing from Jodie Foster and Jennifer Lawrence. They’d probably be better live blog hosts next year than us two.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20188:32 pm

I love Frances McDormand, and Three Billboards, but the upset I would be fine with in this category is for Sally Hawkins to take it. To deliver a performance like that with no words… It’s a masterclass.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20188:32 pm

This has to be the most competitive Best Actress race in years. 

Patrick Hipes March 4, 20188:34 pm

WINNER: ACTRESS IN A LEADING ROLE – FRANCES MCDORMAND, Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri

Joe Utichi March 4, 20188:34 pm

Get ready for a SPEECH. 

Mike Fleming March 4, 20188:34 pm

Proving that you can win the Oscar without a ton of campaigning. Just crush the role.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20188:35 pm

McDormand is a firebrand. She probably did less than half an interview in support of this movie. The work spoke for itself.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20188:36 pm

Inviting all female nominees to stand up. What a moment.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20188:37 pm

that Best Picture envelope is in big type. sitting right there. not even a distracted accountant can screw this up.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20188:37 pm

Gary Oldman, by the way, denied Daniel Day-Lewis his Last Ever chance to win an Oscar. (Until he un-retires).

Mike Fleming March 4, 20188:38 pm

Are you setting yourself up to take another gratuitous shot at Christian Bale? Did you not see Hostiles?

Joe Utichi March 4, 20188:39 pm

I think the list of nominees speaks for itself.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20188:40 pm

Here come Warren and Faye. Deep breaths all.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20188:44 pm

I’m too nervous to say anything. Except for this, obviously.

Patrick Hipes March 4, 20188:46 pm

WINNER: BEST PICTURE – THE SHAPE OF WATER; Guillermo del Toro and J. Miles Dale, Producers

Joe Utichi March 4, 20188:46 pm


Joe Utichi March 4, 20188:46 pm

Fantastic result. And Director and Picture agree! Guillermo checks the envelope to make doubly sure.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20188:49 pm

Awkward moment at the end there as producer J. Miles Dale doesn’t get a chance to deliver his speech, but Kimmel gave him a shot.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20188:49 pm

And Mark Bridges takes home the jet ski!

Patrick Hipes March 4, 20188:51 pm

Apparently everyone else is getting a ride on that, thanks to Days Inn in Lake Havasu:

Mike Fleming March 4, 20188:51 pm

Joe, it looks like every obvious Oscar choice you made panned out. Can you give me six numbers to play the lottery?

Joe Utichi March 4, 20188:51 pm

Gotta love the people of Lake Havasu. The Days Inn is going to get some good business now.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20188:51 pm

I am the sage. The ultimate Oscar sage.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20188:51 pm

The sage with the questionable shoes

Joe Utichi March 4, 20188:52 pm

Guys, all (12? 14?) of you. Thanks for following the live blog. Apologies for Mike’s terrible fashion sense. 

Mike Fleming March 4, 20188:53 pm

are those corrective shoes?

Joe Utichi March 4, 20188:53 pm

Just so you can see his sense of “style”:

Mike Fleming March 4, 20188:54 pm

Style free for going on 58 years

Joe Utichi March 4, 20188:54 pm

You look much older.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20188:56 pm

I gotta give a shout out here to Jimmy Kimmel, and Mike De Luca and Jennifer Todd. Last year’s debacle wasn’t at all their fault, but they really did a wonderful job this year. That’s it for me. I am out of sequined shoe jokes.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20188:57 pm

They’re not sequined, they’re GLITTER. Until next time all, take care out there.

Mike Fleming March 4, 20188:58 pm

I thought those were scales from the elemental river god from the Oscar winning film The Shape of Water.

Joe Utichi March 4, 20188:58 pm

I’ll take it. Let’s sign off there while we’re in a rare moment of agreement.