YouTube has just introduced new features to enhance live streamed videos. The move comes as SpaceX’s successful launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket provided a showcase of YouTube’s live streaming capabilities, attracting 2.3 million concurrent views.

Kurt Wilms, YouTube’s live video product lead, said the Google-owned site is offering new tools to improve on the experience for creators and users.

One feature, live-chat replay, will allow the chat conversations that took place during a live stream to replay alongside the video whenever someone watches. This gives viewers the chance to experience the live stream exactly as it originally appeared.

“We think it will make the replay quality of live streams much, much better,” said Wilms.

YouTube will also bring automatic English-language captions to live streams. The site introduced auto-captioning for produced videos back in 2009. Now it’s available streaming, helping to broaden access to the hearing-impaired as well as to those who watch live streams on their mobile devices with the sound off.

“We’ll be one of the first major platforms to have this,”said Wilms.

Creators also can add a location tag to their mobile live streams and video uploads, a feature that will make such video easier for users to find.