UPDATED with video: Big News in the Russia investigation: Sources at White house say President Donald Trump’s lawyers are telling him to refuse to meet with Robert Mueller, Stephen Colbert announces at the top of Tuesday night’s Late Show.

“That’s because Trump, who has a history of making false statements and contradicting himself, could be charged with lying to investigators,” Colbert said, calling it, “Crack legal analysis from the law firm of ‘No, Sh*t, and Sherlock’.”

“Now, I know Trump watches this show, because it’s on TV,” Colbert reasoned. “So, right now, I’ve got a special message for him:”

“Mr. Trump, ignore your lawyers, sir. You follow your instincts and you sit down with Robert Mueller! Otherwise, everyone’s going to think that you are scared. But, we know you’re not.

“Oh, your fried chicken has arrived!” Colbert told Trump, grabbing a KFC bucket. “Oh wait – it’s empty!”

“I think I know where the chicken is,”Colbert said, making clucking noises in the general direction of the White House.