Full Frontal host Samantha Bee blasted the news cycle’s “latest shiny sweaty object, Republican congressman and first guy to get whacked in every mafia movie” Devin Nunes. Nunes’ infamous memo got released last week and while none of its revelations was all that shocking, Bee was alarmed WaPo reported President Donald Trump got left alone in a room so he could read the 3.5 page document – for several hours.

“Then I assume he paid the memo $130K dollars, and no one but Donald and the memo will ever know what happened in that room,” Bee speculated, in a Stormy Daniels snark.

“I’m saying Donald f*cked the memo, had the memo spank him with smaller version of the memo, and he’s afraid of sharks #trumpcantread,” Bee spelled out.

Response to the memo was restrained, Bee said, cueing up clips of Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity calling it “shocking,” “stunning” and “now the biggest abuse of power corruption case in American history.”

Or, as Bee put it, “bigger than 100 Bill Clintons having sex with a thousand Watergates in a million Area 51’s.”

President Trump, meanwhile, tweeted the memo totally vindicates “Trump.”

“Why did you put your own name in quotation marks?” Bee asked. “Is ‘Trump’ just a fun character you’ve been playing the whole time?”