Following an extended shouting match with an attendee at her Barnes & Noble book event, Rose McGowan announced that she has canceled her upcoming public appearances. The event was held Wednesday night  in New York City to promote her new book Brave.

During the event, at which McGowan answered pre-approved questions, things heated up when an audience member asked her about comments the actress previously had made about transgender women.

“I have a suggestion. Talk about what you said on RuPaul,” the attendee said, according to the Independent. “Trans women are dying, and you said that we, as trans women, are not like regular women. We get raped more often. We go through domestic violence more often. There was a trans woman killed here a few blocks [away]. I have been followed home –,” the woman said before McGowan interrupted.

The audience member went on: “You do nothing for them. Trans women are in men’s prisons. And what have you done for them?”

At that point, the two began yelling at each other.

In a series of tweets Friday, McGowan accused the attendee — whom she described as a “paid actor” — of verbally assaulting her.

“I am canceling upcoming public appearances because I have given enough,” she wrote. “I have given beauty, in return I was VERBALLY ASSAULTED for two full minutes @BNBuzz by an actor paid to verbally assault a woman who has been terrorized by your system,” she tweeted. “And no ONE in that room did anything.”

She continued, “And everyone from my publicists, t assistants, managers and every person sitting in their chairs frozen by their weakness, a weakness called COMPLICITY. The truth is you all failed me. Again. And again. And again.”

She also asked for an apology from those who did not stop the heckler.

“I would like an apology from the manager of the Union Square @BNUnionSquareNY and all security people, and the audience, who did nothing and let the paid verbal assault of an assaulted woman happen,” she tweeted. “Cool?”

The woman eventually was escorted out of the venue by security, but McGowan was not finished.

“Don’t label me, sister!” McGowan shouted. “Don’t put your labels on me. Don’t you f*cking do that. Do not put your labels on me. I don’t come from your planet. Leave me alone. I do not subscribe to your rules. I do not subscribe to your language. You will not put labels on me or anybody. Step the f*ck back. What I do for the f*cking world and you should be f*cking grateful. Shut the f*ck up. Get off my back. What have you done? I know what I’ve done, goddammit.”

She concluded with: “Trans women are women and what I’ve been trying to say is that it’s the same. The stats are not that dissimilar. When you break it down, it is a much smaller population. There’s not a network here devoted to your f*cking death. There’s not advertisers advertising tampons with a camera lovingly going up a girl’s body as she’s being lovingly raped and strangled. Piss off. And until you can collect that f*cking check, back up. My name is Rose McGowan, and I am obviously f*cking brave.”