After making our predictions in the ever-changing and somewhat unpredictable Best Picture race, Oscar pundits Tom O’Neil from Gold Derby, Anne Thompson from Indiewire, Tim Gray from Variety, and me repping Deadline (all four sites owned by PMC) take on the four acting races in another smackdown.


While we find consensus on Actor and Actress, there is room for surprises in the usually less predictable supporting contests.

In terms of those top two, we analyze if Frances McDormand and Gary Oldman are really invincible after taking Globe, Critics’ Choice and SAG wins, while also offering potentially different outcomes for Allison Janney and Sam Rockwell, who took those same (often predictive) awards in the corresponding supporting categories.

As usual there is lots of room for disagreement but (spoiler alert!) this doesn’t turn into a food fight. Sorry.

Check out the video above.