Natalie Portman’s hosting gig on Saturday Night Live was one of the season’s strongest – and that doesn’t count the performance you didn’t see. “My Little Stepchildren,” a commercial parody cut for time, is as dark as it is pretty hilarious.

Watch it above.

The digital short stars Portman and SNL regular Beck Bennett as parents of a Wednesday Addams type who won’t be shopping at American Girl anytime soon. “Most girls like dolls,” begins the commercial, “but not every girl wants to be a mommy.”

“I bought my kid a doll and I asked her, Lisa, are you her mommy?” says Portman. “And she said, ‘mommy? Where’s the drama in that? I’m her wicked step-mommy.”

Yes, with your very own My Little Stepchildren doll – boy or girl – you can stage scenes where the kiddies get sent away to boarding school, and lock away a tiny little birth certificate in an ornate chest of drawers.

The short recalls SNL‘s “Wells for Boys” parody from December (watch that one below) and by all comedy rights shouldn’t be the last in a series.