Jimmy Kimmel thinks President Donald Trump is more likely watching Omarosa in Celebrity Big Brother than the Winter Olympics in South Korea.

Omorasa, he explained, is the former Apprentice contestant, turned Celebrity Apprentice contestant, turned White House…Apprentice contestant – who is now a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother.

“That’s right. Omarosa is trapped in a house with a bunch of reality TV stars. Just like Melania,” Kimmel said.

Among her more interesting Big Brother revelations, Omarosa said Monday night that if you think Veep Mike Pence would be a better choice for POTUS than Donald Trump – “you might want to rethink that,” Kimmel suggested.

“Do you think maybe Jesus is playing a prank on Mike Pence or something? ‘Mike, this is Jesus, go out there and tell everyone you call your wife ‘Mother’,’” he joked.

“I wonder how much Omarosa really knows?” Kimmel wondered, saying it’s just possible she has about as much inside information about what goes on in the White House as a class of elementary school kids do on a White House tour.

Safe bet.