Students in Miami, Chicago, Iowa, Maryland and Washington D.C. walked out of class one day after the Florida state legislature refused to even debate a bill banning assault weapons and large capacity ammunition magazines. On Wednesday, ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel commended the high schoolers who have been tearing up the news cycle since a gunman murdered 17 in a Parkland, Florida high school last week. Students at the school who launched the #NeverAgain movement after watching fellow students and teachers get gunned down should be applauded, Kimmel insisted. Unfortunately, some have been attacking the students on social, calling them fake student sand crisis actors.

Far right crackpots thrive on concocting conspiracy theories, Kimmel noted, citing global warming conspiracy theories, the Donald Trump-fueled birther movement, Pizzagate, etc. The conspiracy theories about Florida high school shooting survivors are being perpetuated by, among others, Donald Trump Jr. and NRA board member Ted Nugent.

If you are a Trump supporter or a member of the NRA and really do think these teens who spoke out after watching their classmates die are part of some deep state left-wing conspiracy, Kimmel has news for you: You are crazy.

But if you don’t buy into this conspiracy theory, “you can’t just sit there and let these scumbags spread these lies about these kids,” Kimmel cautioned.

Speaking of Donald Trump, he held a listening session of school shooting survivors and victims’ parents, during which POTUS suggested arming teachers, cafeteria workers, and custodians to cut down on school gun violence.

Trump showed up to the meeting with a notecard on which were written five things he was supposed to say during the meeting.

No. 1: what do you most want me to know about your experience?

“Numbers 2-4 are covered by his tiny fingers,” Kimmel snarked.

No. 5: I hear you.

“A quick way you know you are not a good listener is if you need a note to tell you to listen at a listening session,” Kimmel advised.