Jimmy Kimmel weighed in on the Obama’s official portraits for the Smithsonian and Donald Trump’s refusal to publish the Dem memo rebutting Devin Nunes’.

Former President Obama’s portrait, by artist Kehinde Wiley, is not the traditional man posing in front of desk. It depicts 44 in front of  flowers representing Chicago, Africa and Hawaii – aka Nick Nolte’s mug shot shirt, Kimmel noted.

In other Washington News, Eric Trump unveiled the latest issues of Trump Magazine over the weekend, tweeting, “Trump magazine 2018 #hotoffthepress.” It’s a credit to Eric’s business acumen because, in 2018, the real money is in print media, Kimmel snarked.

Meanwhile, Eric’s dad had “another very Trumpy weekend,” the ABC late-night host said.

After releasing to the public the so-called Nunes memo that House Republicans ginned to cast doubt on the Russia investigation, the President refused to release the Democrats’ rebuttal memo. Trump made the Nunes memo public despite warnings by the FBI and Department of Justice. Now Trump is saying he can’t release the Dems memo because of “national security” concerns.

“Does he realize he is our national security concern?” Kimmel wondered.

Kimmel thinks the real reason Trump spit back the Dem memo is that it’s 10 pages long. POTUS said he was sending it back to be put into “proper form,” which, translated, means  “one-paragraph read to him aloud by two Hooters waitresses carrying three orders of hot wings,” Kimmel explained.

“President can’t spend all day poring over memos. He’s got wife-beaters to defend on Twitter, OK?” Kimmel added.

Kimmel’s theory about the memo send-back reflects that of TV new pundits:

“He will sit on that memo and, in the meantime, he’ll just keep doing outrageous things,” Kimmel explained. “He will call an Olympic skater a fruitcake or something, he’ll make Sylvester Stallone Secretary of Defense, and nobody will remember any of this memo business. And we’ll go right on to the new crazy stories.”