As the #MeToo and Time’s Up movement still remains at the forefront in Hollywood, How to Get Away with Murder actress Karla Souza has come forward with sexual assault allegations in an interview during an appearance on CNN Espanol. She did not name the alleged Mexican producer-director that allegedly assaulted her earlier in her career, but soon after the interview, Televisa, Mexico’s largest TV network, fired producer-director Gustavo Loza.

It is not 100 percent proven that Souza’s story and Loza’s firing are connected, but the two worked together in 2010 on a series titled Heroes of the North which was produced by Loza and again in 2016 in the Loza-directed film Don’t Blame the Kid.

During her interview with CNN Espanol, Souza said she was groomed, pressured, and eventually raped. She went on to say that the unnamed director used to humiliate her in front of others and how she stayed in the same hotel with the director while the rest of the cast stayed elsewhere. While at the hotel, the director would knock on her door in the middle of the night claiming that they needed to discuss the movie. It was during one of these late nights visits in which she said she was raped.

After speculations of Loza’s involvement, he took to Twitter denying the allegations and said that he is being accused with no basis. He goes on to say that he openly condemns the alleged rape.