Harvey Weinstein’s legal troubles show no sign of slowing down after another sexual assault allegation against the disgraced movie mogul upped the total number of victims in the UK to ten.

The latest allegation involved an incident in Westminster, London in the mid-1990s and is being investigated by Scotland Yard’s Child Abuse and Sexual Offences unit, using the Operation Kaguyak codename. It takes the total number of assault allegations to 15 from 10 women.

“Officers from the Met’s Child Abuse and Sexual Offences Command have received allegations of sexual assault from 10 victims under Operation Kaguyak,” UK police said in a statement. “On 8 February, an allegation was received that the man sexually assaulted a woman (Victim 10) in Westminster in the mid-1990s.”

10 of the incidents took place in the UK with an additional four reported to police occurring outside of the UK. The victim has not been named and Scotland Yard said that there had been no arrests or interviews under caution. Weinstein has denied all allegations of non-consensual sex.

It comes as the spotlight continues to shine on Weinstein, after Channel 4’s documentary Working with Weinstein, which provided a number of revelations of physical and sexual assault by Weinstein, aired earlier this month. The doc, which was produced by Tigerlily Films, alleged that Weinstein physically assaulted My Week With Marilyn producer David Parfitt and featured interviews with former Miramax and Weinstein Company executives including Zelda Perkins, Laura Madden and Gaia Elkington. It was watched by just under 1M people in a 10pm slot on Tuesday night.

In the film Gaia Elkington, a former assistant at The Weinstein Company in London, detailed a nasty incident as Weinstein was leaving London. She tells of how wearing only his “knickers” he “smacked her across the room” as he was leaving his house before firing her at Heathrow Airport, saying “just don’t work for me anymore you f*cking mongoloid c*nt”.

Former Miramax staff Laura Madden, who accused Weinstein of sexual harassment during the 1990s, added: “It’s taken twenty years to speak but at least it’s come out. Had this come out 15 years ago, it would have never come out. There’s been people trying to break this story for 20 years but it’s just taken this length of time. More importantly, it’s brought a conversation into the public domain that will hopefully help all of the industries that just don’t have a voice.”

Earlier today, Deadline reported that BBC Worldwide signed up to shop BBC/PBS co-pro Weinstein: The Inside Story in the UK to global broadcasters. The one-off doc is set to air on BBC One on March 1 at 9pm before airing on the U.S. public broadcaster, as part of its Frontline strand on March 2.