Chubb Indemnity Insurance Co. has filed a suit today refusing to pay for Harvey Weinstein’s legal defense for his 11 sexual harassment lawsuits.

The disgraced producer’s attorneys have asked the insurance company to fund his legal defense in regards to the numerous lawsuits against him. The insurance company filed a suit in New York Supreme Court that says the lawsuits against Weinstein do not “attach under the policies based on the application of certain policy terms, conditions and exclusions and therefore Chubb has no obligation under any of the policies identified herein to defend or indemnify Harvey Weinstein in the Underlying Lawsuits.”

Since 1994, Weinstein has taken out 16 separate policies with Chubb. This includes everything from fine art coverage to homeowners policy, according to the suit. The suit goes on to say that the policies exclude “molestation, misconduct, or abuse” as well as “discrimination.”

The personal liability section of the policy provides coverage for “damages a covered person is legally obligated to pay for personal injury or property damage which take place anytime during the policy period and are caused by an occurrence unless stated otherwise or an exclusion applies.” An occurrence is considered “an accident or offense.”

The suit filed goes on to detail the “Underlying Lawsuits” that  “arose out of pre-meditated, forcible sexual assault, pervasive and egregious sexual harassment, physical assault and battery and other intentional and deliberate conduct by Mr. Weinstein.” Chubb says that the “intentional acts” are not classified as “an accident or offense”

Weinstein has lawsuits against him in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, and London.