ABC late-night star Jimmy Kimmel is making the rounds this week in promotion of Sunday’s Academy Awards, for which he will again serve as host. Visiting Ellen DeGeneres’s show today, Kimmel acknowledged it’s a “weird year” to craft an awards show opening monologue “because there are a lot of very serious things happening, and the Oscars still are several days away, and who knows what will happen between now and then.”

“You do want to be appropriate, and respectful, but I also want to be funny,” Kimmel said, because  “nobody remembers ‘appropriate’ or ‘respectful’.”

DeGeneres complimented Kimmel for using his platform to “say a lot of important things”; Kimmel thanked Ellen for raising $1M for Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, where his son had two surgeries to treat the heart disease Kimmel had discussed so movingly when he returned to JKL after his son’s birth. That monologue catapulted Kimmel into the debate on health care as Republicans were working hard to kill Obamacare. One suggested Kimmel should stick to comedy because health care was too complicated for a late-night host to understand.

DeGeneres noted Kimmel also became emotional on his show talking about the recent high school mass shooting in Parkland, FL.

“I’m tearing up now…I’m a crier,” Kimmel admitted, recalling his early career as a wedding DJ, when he wept at a wedding upon learning the mother of the groom had recently died.

Dragging the conversation back on point, DeGeneres announced she had a surprise for Kimmel.

“That could go either way on this show,” he responded warily.

With that, DeGeneres announced one of the rooms on the Heart Institute floor of Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles has been named in honor of Billy Kimmel.