UPDATED with complete list of winners, more details: Fox Searchlight’s Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri walked away with the Best Film prize and a leading five wins overall at the BAFTA Awards tonight at London’s Royal Albert Hall.

The annual EE British Academy Film Awards were a Searchlight affair, with Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water taking three awards including Best Director for del Toro. The strong showing makes both films strong candidates for the top prizes at the Oscars just two Sundays from now. Only they and Focus Features’ Darkest Hour (2) had more than one win.

Also cementing frontrunner status in the Actor and Actress races: Darkest Hour‘s Gary Oldman and Three Billboards‘ Frances McDormand, who have been leading the way all awards season. Both of those pics had nine noms each heading into the night, but it was Three Billboards that pulled away with wins for Sam Rockwell in Supporting, Martin McDonagh for Original Screenplay, and for Outstanding British Film.

Allison Janney (I, Tonya) won the Supporting Actress prize, and Get Out‘s Daniel Kaluuya won the Rising Star Award. James Ivory won the Adapted Screenplay prize for Call Me By Your Name.

It was particularly heavy year for British film, with Three Billboards co-financed by the UK’s Film4 and Darkest Hour and Paddington 2 scoring noms. Dunkirk, an Oscar Best Picture nominee, did not qualify in the Outstanding British Film category though it was directed by Christopher Nolan featured a largely Brit cast. It won once tonight, for Sound.

We followed the action so check out the live blog below the winners list to see how it went down (all photos courtesy REX/Shutterstock):


Graham Broadbent, Pete Czernin, Martin McDonagh


The Shape of Water


Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri


Darkest Hour


Roger Deakins


Martin McDonagh


Alex Gibson, Richard King, Gregg Landaker, Gary A. Rizzo, Mark Weingarten


I, Tonya


Rungano Nyoni (Writer/Director), Emily Morgan (Producer)


Richard R. Hoover, Paul Lambert, Gerd Nefzer, John Nelson


Paul Austerberry, Jeff Melvin, Shane Vieau


Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri


James Ivory


Park Chan-wook, Syd Lim


Colin O’Toole, Jonas Mortense


Paloma Baeza, Ser En Low


Raoul Peck


Jonathan Amos, Paul Machliss


Lee Unkrich, Darla K. Anderson


Mark Bridges


David Malinowski, Ivana Primorac, Lucy Sibbick, Kazuhiro Tsuji


Alexandre Desplat

(Voted for by the public)



Martin McDonagh, Graham Broadbent, Pete Czernin


Jon Wardle, National Film and Television School

Here’s the live blog:

Joe Utichi February 18, 201810:46 am

Welcome! Prince William and Princess Catherine have just arrived, so we’re moments away from kick-off.

Joe Utichi February 18, 201810:46 am

Nancy and I are here at the Royal Albert Hall. Or, at least, We’re RAH adjacent. After some confusing direction from the local security teams…

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201810:47 am

Not ideal for heels…

Joe Utichi February 18, 201810:47 am

Or, indeed, the most AMAZING SHOES EVER, which I’m wearing.

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201810:48 am

Indeed, more sparkly than anything else witnessed on the red carpet

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201810:49 am

A red carpet that was populated with actresses and activists in support of the Time’s Up movement, and a newly launched UK Justice and Equality Fund

Joe Utichi February 18, 201810:51 am

The Duchess of Cambridge, heavily pregant, eschewed the black dress code with a dark green number, but it’s hard not to imagine the black belt she paired with it was a nod to the movement.

Joe Utichi February 18, 201810:51 am

(I’m a regular Nicholas Witchell)

Joe Utichi February 18, 201810:52 am

The show kicks off with a performance from Cirque du Soleil, who are now an omnipresent force whenever a stage is in sight.

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201810:53 am

And here comes the admonishment to keep the speeches short

Joe Utichi February 18, 201810:53 am

Seriously. Try and find a stage that doesn’t have Cirque du Soleil on it.

Joe Utichi February 18, 201810:53 am

It does not exist.

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201810:54 am

Oh, and one speaker per group…

Patrick Hipes February 18, 201810:55 am

The Royals:

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201810:55 am

The audience is further encouraged to summon its “inner American” to whoop, holler and make some noise

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201810:55 am

They know there are a lot of Americans in the audience, right?

Joe Utichi February 18, 201810:57 am

Patrick thinks all British people belong to the Royal Family, so just for the record: the lady on the far left is BAFTA chief Amanda Berry, who may be an OBE but is not techically a royal.

Joe Utichi February 18, 201810:57 am

I, however, am 189th in line to the throne.

Joe Utichi February 18, 201810:58 am

I am counting on some kind of King Ralph situation

Joe Utichi February 18, 201810:59 am

Jane Lush, BAFTA Chair, says they supported fifteen female directors through BAFTA elevate.

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:00 am

She says BAFTA is supporting 800 young filmmakers, and expanding HQ to help more. “Our shores are awash with untapped talent.” 

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201811:01 am

BAFTA Chair Jane Lush is speaking now, addressing the importance to acknowledge what a difficult year for this industry this has been and talks about the BAFTA/BFI guidelines that have been drafted “aimed at conifining to the past the abusive work practices in outdated power structures.” Noting 2018 marks 100 years of suffrage but that today’s gender imbalance is “ridiculous. Let this be the year when MeToo goes in hand with WeToo. We at BAFTA want to lead the way.”

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:01 am

I guess Cirque du Soleil are actually waiting a few minutes before they storm the stage and refuse to yield…

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:02 am

Jane Lush sums up by thanking BAFTA President Prince William.

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:03 am

We have a prerecord bit with Joanna Lumley. She calls Woody Harrelson, cutting into a clip of Three Billboards. Now Timothee Chalamet, a phone clip from Call Me By Your Name.

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201811:03 am

This is Lumley’s first time out

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:03 am

She’s dropping lots of “darlings”, which is what you want from Joanna Lumley.

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:04 am

Now a call from Stalin, and then Churchill. God, lots of films featured phone scenes this year. This is an inspired bit.

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:04 am

Now she’s on with Hugh Grant in Paddington 2. “I’m hosting the BAFTAs and I wondered if you wanted to come?” “Well, wonderful news, yes, yes, of course.”

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:05 am

“Winny” Churchill rings back. “We need a name for this operation.” “I’ve got it covered darling. It’s the British Academy Film Awards”

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201811:05 am

Cirque du Soleil is coming out now with a tribute to The Shape Of Water, which leads noms tonight

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:05 am

There’s a dude on a trapeize dressed as the fishman, and a woman dressed as Elisa.

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:06 am

Because when I watched The Shape of Water, my first thought was, “God, I wish there were more trapezes”

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201811:06 am

Joe, tell us how you really feel about Cirque du Soleil?

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:07 am

Sally Hawkins is loving it from the audience. So I suppose I should shut up.

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:08 am

They’re spinning around to Alexandre Desplat’s score. Spinning. And spinning.

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:08 am

And they end with a kiss, before milking the applause.

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:09 am

Joanna’s backstage pretending to hoist the trapeze; she’s tied it to a chair to run on stage.

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:09 am

Here comes her intro.

Patrick Hipes February 18, 201811:09 am

Just for Joe: Cirque on the red carpet earlier:

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201811:10 am

That was actually a relatively short CdS performance;

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:10 am


Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201811:10 am

A lot of cuts to Gemma Arterton

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:10 am

Joanna addresses TimesUp, celebrating the RAH as the site of early resistance.

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:11 am

“The ceremony is not just about the famous people. But anyway, let’s look at the famous people here tonight.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201811:11 am

Joanna on Gary Oldman’s other roles this year: Yoda Wonder Woman and Lego Batman

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:12 am

Sally Hawkins is here, Lumley says. “She starred in a highly complex morality tale in which my favorite scene was when she helped Paddington on the train.”

Patrick Hipes February 18, 201811:12 am

And Deadline cuts to Gemma Arterton….

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:12 am

(Hawkins is in Shape and Paddington 2)

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201811:12 am

Turns to Frances McDormand and praises the “masterclass” she delivers in Three Billboards

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:12 am

Daniel Kaluuya star of the “jaw dropping” Get Out: “In the film’s most memorable moments Daniel is trapped in a chair powerless to move. A skill that will come in handy tonight because nobody gets a comfort break.”

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:13 am

“Sir Daniel Day-Lewis joins us tonight. He’s nominated for Phantom Thread. In preparation Daniel learnt to sew. I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right, yes he did make my dress tonight. Thank you darling, Betty Jackson would be proud of you.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201811:13 am

Annette Bening is here for Film Stars Don’t Die In Liverpool which Joanna calls a “brilliant title and the reason all tonight’s nominess have been househunting in Merseyside”

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201811:14 am

On Angelina Jolie, “The hardest working woman in Hollywood… since she’s been here tonight, she’s knocked up 400 portions of risotto for the after dinner”

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:15 am

“The enchanting Octavia Spencer joins us.” She gets the biggest applause so far. “In the Shape of Water she stars in that mot classic stories: Girl meets Amphibious Humanoid…”

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:15 am

“In one sense you’re all winners tonight. And in another sense, if you believe that you’ll believe anything.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201811:15 am

Hugh Grant has been getting great notices for his role in Paddington 2 and Joanna says, “How he managed to portray a vain, egocentric actor is beyond me” to laughter

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201811:16 am


Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:16 am

Time for the Obligatory Awards Show Montage of Movie Moments Set to Popular Music (The OASMMMSPM, as it’s popularly known).

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:17 am

(Nancy saw some Porgs in the montage before I was even able to introduce the montage. On behalf of Deadline, we apologise for this outrageous jumping of the gun)

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:18 am

The first award up is Outstanding British Film. Coming to present, Jennifer Lawrence.

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:19 am

The nominees are Darkest Hour, Death of Stalin, God’s Own Country, Lady Macbeth, Paddington 2 and Three Billboards.

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:20 am

I’d love to see Stalin snatch this. What a terrific flick.

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:21 am

BUT I’m very happy with this result…

Patrick Hipes February 18, 201811:21 am


Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201811:22 am

That’s a nice win as British film. It’s the first 50-50 co-fi that the UK’s Film4 ever did – in partnership with Fox Searchlight

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201811:23 am

It just crossed $100M worldwide last week, too

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:23 am

Here comes Martin McDonagh to claim his prize with producer Graham Broadbent. McDonagh jokes he’s half Irish so he’s not allowed to make the speech. Broadbent: “We finished this film about a year ago about a woman taking on the establishment. It seems more timely now than it did then with Times Out. It turns out meaningful change can happen quickly if we put our minds to it.”

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:24 am

The second award will be EE Rising Star. This is the only award voted for by the public. Margot Robbie and Octavia Spencer present.

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:25 am

The nominees are Daniel Kaluuya, Florence Pugh, Josh O’Connor, Tessa Thompson and Timothee Chalamet. The award usually goes to the person in the most popular movie of the year. So that’d make it a tossup between Daniel Kaluuya (Get Out) and Tessa Thompson (Thor: Ragnarok). But my gut tells me Kaluuya has this in the bag.

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:27 am

The nominees, fyi, are picked by a jury that meets at BAFTA’s HQ.

Patrick Hipes February 18, 201811:27 am


Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201811:27 am

Joe, you called it

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:28 am

Daniel Kaluuya is wearing an amazing tux.

Patrick Hipes February 18, 201811:28 am

Kaluuya tonight:

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201811:28 am

Kaluuya: “I am a product of arts funding within the United Kingdom, I’d like to thank people that financially support that”

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201811:29 am

He points to the countdown clock, although folks were asked ahead of time not to mention it – which is a bit silly, no?

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:30 am

Next up is Original Music. The nominees are Blade Runner 2049, Darkest Hour, Dunkirk, Phantom Thread and The Shape of Water. Hans Zimmer isn’t here tonight despite being nominated for BOTH Dunkirk and Blade Runner. I suppose being pelted with awards gets boring after a while…

Jonny Greenwood also isn’t here, which is a shame as I’d quite like to annoy him at the dinner afterwards by telling him how much I love him.

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:30 am

Presenting are Gemma Chan and Sergei Polunin, the ballet star.

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201811:31 am

Speaking of Blade Runner 2019, lot of love here with Denis Villeneuve up for Director and another 7 noms for the pic

Patrick Hipes February 18, 201811:32 am


Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:32 am

So that’s the first award for The Shape of Water. I was in an elevator with Alexandre Desplat earlier today. I have no further insights to reveal.

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:32 am

Desplat: “What a venue for music [the Royal Albert Hall]. Guillermo your film is unique and the poetry you’ve given us is amazing. There’s a good bond between music and poetry.”

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:33 am

He notes they recorded the music at Abbey Road in London with The London Symphony Orchestra.

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:33 am

Make-Up and Hair is next.

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201811:34 am

After the premiere of Shape in Venice, Desplat told me he performed part of the whistling on the score

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:34 am

The nominees are Blade Runner 2049, Darkest Hour, I, Tonya, Victoria & Abdul and Wonder. Let’s be honest: this has to be darkest hour.

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:35 am

And it is! 

Patrick Hipes February 18, 201811:35 am

WINNER – MAKEUP & HAIR – DARKEST HOUR David Malinowski, Ivana Primorac, Lucy Sibbick, Kazuhiro Tsuji

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:36 am

Kazuhiro Tsuji was the only make-up artist Oldman knew could pull this off. He tempted him out of retirement to make it happen. 

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201811:37 am

All those hours in the make-up chair are paying off

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201811:37 am

Gary looks quite pleased about this one from the audience

Patrick Hipes February 18, 201811:38 am

From Darkest Hour, courtesy Focus Features:

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:38 am

Costume Design comes next. Will the British Academy go for the fantasy of Beauty & The Beast, the history of Darkest Hour, the ice skating threads of I, Tonya, the haute couture of Phantom Thread or the Cold War America patterns of The SHape of Water? I have to say I feel a movie with “Thread” in the title probably has a good shot. Presenting are Edward Holcroft and Tom Taylor.

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:38 am

But then, the wider academy votes in phase two, so who knows?

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201811:39 am

But the hours and hours spent on Belle’s yellow dress…

Patrick Hipes February 18, 201811:39 am

WINNER: Costume Design – PHANTOM THREAD, Mark Bridges

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:40 am

Wow, I’m really calling it tonight. Mark Bridges: “This award has always been something to aspire to, so I treasure this.”

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:41 am

We’re on Animated Film now. Same presenters. Only three noms in this category, Coco, Loving Vincent and My Life as a Courgette. I’ve managed to see NONE of them this year, so I’m not going to make a prediction this time. (Coco)

Patrick Hipes February 18, 201811:42 am

WINNER: ANIMATED FILM – COCO, Lee Unkrich, Darla K. Anderson

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:42 am

I really should have put some money down on these predictions…

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:44 am

Lee Unkrich collects: “Thanks to the people of Mexico. Your culture and traditions inspired me to make Coco and with Coco we tried to take a step towards a world where non-white characters talk and look like they do. Marginalized people deserve to feel like they belong. I hope we’ve made a difference and I hope it’s just a beginning.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201811:45 am

From backstage, Three Billboards’ Graham Broadbent is praising the health of the British film industry. McDonagh says he was thinking Outstanding British Film “could have gone to anyone. If they thought ours was too American.” 

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:45 am

Editing and Documentary next. Presenting are Natalie Dormer and Hayley Squires. The nominees for Editing are Baby Driver, Blade Runner 2049, Dunkirk, The Shape of Water and Three Billboards. I am intrigued by Baby Driver’s rare nomination in this category, but I feel it’ll be hard for it to pull a win off… not that it doesn’t very much deserve it.

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201811:46 am

Asked about what filmmakers can do to support Time’s Up, McDonagh says “apart from making sure a film set is safe, which we would do anyway, it’s writing strong female parts. I’m really happy Frances’ performance is getting out there this year.”

Patrick Hipes February 18, 201811:46 am

Backstage, the Three Billboards trio:

Patrick Hipes February 18, 201811:46 am

WINNER: EDITING – BABY DRIVER, Jonathan Amos, Paul Machliss

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:46 am

I am going to claim I predicted this. But I did think it was a long shot. Still a well deserved win for Edgar Wright’s balletic getaway movie.

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:47 am

Jonathan Amos says he’s lucky to work with Wright. “His innovative approach to filmmaking challenges you creatively to do your job in ways you never considered.”

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:50 am

Up next is Documentary, featuring nominees City of Ghosts, I am Not Your Negro, Icarus, An Inconvenient Sequel and Jane. I met Al Gore at last night’s Nominees’ Party, so I’m cheering him on. I also think it has a stronger shot here than anywhere else because I suspect it’s the doc most BAFTA members saw. I could be wrong though. It has been known to happen. And all of the other nominees feel like they have a shot.

Patrick Hipes February 18, 201811:50 am


Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:51 am

I Am Not Your Negro, which was Oscar nominated LAST year, came out later in the UK, hence its presence here.

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201811:51 am

Daniel Kaluuya backstage talks about arts funding again, “We’re not being thought of and we have to work extra hard. Sometimes we have to take care of our family and arts funding helps. I feel like loads of organizations do that and it’s our responsibility to do something about it.”

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:52 am

Raoul Peck drops the thanks. He finished by thanking James Baldwin. “The perfect image of a great humanist. He left us with words necessary in a world of unapologetic ignorance.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201811:52 am

Kaluuya’s life has changed in that he now takes Uber everywhere. “I get the tube sometimes, I got the bus the other day – it was wicked.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201811:53 am

How is he going to celebrate the BAFTA win? “The thing about this awards season is you can’t really get drunk
because there’s always someone taking a picture of you. I just want to
be with my friends and my family.”

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:53 am

Outstanding British Contribution to Cinema is next. I predict most confidently that NFTS and Jon Wardle will be the victor here. Mainly because it was announced in advance. Celia Imrie comes out late. “I was having a glass of Bolinger and a cigarette, which is something you like isn’t it sweetie?” she tells Lumley.

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:55 am

The National Film and Television School has trained alumni like Roger Deakins, and they are a huge presence in the British industry.

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:56 am

Nick Park was also at NFTS, and he was its first Oscar and BAFTA winner.

Joe Utichi February 18, 201811:57 am

Jon Wardle is joined by Nik Powell, both hugely popular figures here in the UK industry.

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201812:00 pm

Wardle accepts on behalf of all the students at the NFTS which now include now games makers. The school is dedicated to the idea that filmmakers should be missionaries for a better way of life. And so that the future Roger Deakins “wherever they come from have the opportunity and support to reach their full potential.”

Joe Utichi February 18, 201812:01 pm

Next up is British Short Animation and British Short Film, presented by Anya Taylor Joy and Letitia Right. 

Joe Utichi February 18, 201812:02 pm

Lumley jokes “I own at least three pairs of shoes older than [Taylor Joy and Right]”

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201812:03 pm

Nik Powell mentions “the great Arsene Wenger” — sarcastically referring to the Arsenal football club manager and getting a laugh given how Arsenal has been doing lately. He quotes Wenger, “The largest room in the world is the room for improvement. We at the NFTS concern ourselves with that room for improvement.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201812:04 pm

I speak as the wife of a Tottenham supporter

Patrick Hipes February 18, 201812:04 pm


Patrick Hipes February 18, 201812:07 pm


Patrick Hipes February 18, 201812:08 pm

Per Arsenal dig, the current Premiere League standings for context:

1. Man City
2. Man U

5. Tottenham
6. Arsenal

Joe Utichi February 18, 201812:08 pm

We’re halfway through. Nearly. Next up will be Film Not in the English Language, presented by Andrea Riseborough, “an actress who stole so many scenes in The Death of Stalin that the secret police banished her to Siberia” okes Lumley.

Joe Utichi February 18, 201812:08 pm

Also, I may have broken my J key, fyi.

Joe Utichi February 18, 201812:09 pm

Seriously, it barely works now. This is not the best.

Joe Utichi February 18, 201812:09 pm

Insert Js where appropriate.

Joe Utichi February 18, 201812:09 pm

The nominees for this award are Elle, First They Killed My Father, The Handmaiden, Loveless and The Salesman. Our resident Foreign Language expert (well, she speaks French) Nancy can chime in with more…

Joe Utichi February 18, 201812:10 pm

Fortunately none of those films include the letter J.

Patrick Hipes February 18, 201812:11 pm


Joe Utichi February 18, 201812:11 pm

Park Chan-wook and Syd Lim are both absent tonight so no speech, straight onto Adapted Screenplay, presented by Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Orlando Bloom.

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201812:11 pm

This is for a film that was originally released in 2016 from Korean master Park Chan-wook which was at the Cannes Film Festival that year

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201812:12 pm

The only film among the nominees in that category to be up for an Oscar is Loveless. Elle last year missed the cut and The Salesman won

Joe Utichi February 18, 201812:12 pm

The nominees in this category are Call Me By Your Name, The Death of Stalin, Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool, Molly’s Game and Paddington 2. Also all J-free, thank god.

Joe Utichi February 18, 201812:14 pm

Film Stars, by the way, appears a lot on the BAFTA list despite no Oscar love. At last night’s nominees party, I spent plenty of time celebrating with Annette Bening and Jamie Bell, who are greatful for the hometown love for a film produced by Bond’s Barbara Broccoli (and Colin Vaines) and directed by Paul McGuigan.

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201812:14 pm

Yo Patrick, Spurs are still ahead…

Patrick Hipes February 18, 201812:14 pm


Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201812:15 pm

Veteran James Ivory says he’s never been here before all by himself and never for writing a screenplay

Joe Utichi February 18, 201812:16 pm

Ivory is one half of the famed Merchant Ivory production house, with the late Ismael Merchant. He was also originally set to direct Call Me By Your Name, but financiers worried about his age. Guadagnino, who was a consultant and then a co-writer, stepped up and wanted to work from Ivory’s draft.

Joe Utichi February 18, 201812:17 pm

Next up is Supporting Actor, presented by Lupita N’Yongo, recently blazing the screen in Black Panther. The nominees are Christopher Plummer, Hugh Grant, Sam Rockwell, Willem Dafoe and Woody Harrelson. Sadly Plummer and Harrelson are absent tonight.

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201812:18 pm

Black Panther which did stunning business this weekend domestically and internationally…

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201812:18 pm

I will never forgive myself for stepping on her beautiful light blue dress here a few years ago…

Joe Utichi February 18, 201812:19 pm

I told her how great she looked in that dress that year. I feel like I won the night.

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201812:19 pm

It was an awesome dress

Patrick Hipes February 18, 201812:19 pm

WINNER: SUPPORTING ACTOR – SAM ROCKWELL, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201812:21 pm

Joe, we’ve both followed this film since we saw the premiere in Venice

Joe Utichi February 18, 201812:21 pm

An expected win for Sam, who says: “This has been a magical ourney. I’ve been a journeyman actor my whole life and I never dreamed of being in London celebrating with you.” He thanks the people who believed in him, “When even I didn’t believe in me.” Of McDonagh: “He’s annoyingly handsome to be as talented a writer/director as he is.” He changed his life, Rockwell says. “I stand on the shoulders of women strong and intelligent and righteous. Fran [McDormand], you’re the rock of this film and every film that every film you’re a part of relies. Leslie [Bibb], my heart is full because of you.”

Patrick Hipes February 18, 201812:22 pm

Sam Rockwell and Leslie Bibb tonight:

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201812:22 pm

Rockwell dedicates the award to the late Alan Rickman

Joe Utichi February 18, 201812:22 pm

Rebecca Ferguson and Toby ones step out to present Production Design. Nominees: Beauty and the Beast, Blade Runner 2049, Darkest Hour, Dunkirk and The Shape of Water.

Joe Utichi February 18, 201812:22 pm

See? I told you my J was broken. Toby Jones*

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201812:23 pm

Seriously, who’s Toby ones?

Joe Utichi February 18, 201812:23 pm

I love the Toby ones. They’re the best ones.

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201812:23 pm

Wait, how did you get the J back?

Joe Utichi February 18, 201812:23 pm

It comes and goes.

Patrick Hipes February 18, 201812:23 pm

WINNER: PRODUCTION DESIGN – THE SHAPE OF WATER, Paul Austerberry, Jeff Melvin, Shane Vieau

Joe Utichi February 18, 201812:24 pm

A second win for Shape. So far only Shape and Three Billboards have more than one award: two each.

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201812:25 pm

Austerberry calls the film “the little movie that could” then he thanks everyone at Sony. Huh? “I mean Fox Searchlight…  a little bit of nervousness here.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201812:27 pm

Special Visual Effects is the next category, presented by Karen Gillan & Taron Egerton. Nominees are Blade Runner 2049, Dunkirk, The Shape Of Water, Star Wars: The Last Jedi and War For The Planet Of The Apes

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201812:28 pm

Gillan, whose Jumanji just crossed $900M worldwide, has a message for VFX artists not to start creating effects that would replace actors, “or we’ll track you down with the thing you fear most – natural light.”

Joe Utichi February 18, 201812:28 pm

Can Dunkirk take this after all its press about the practical effects? It would be an interesting result.

Patrick Hipes February 18, 201812:29 pm

WINNER: SPECIAL VISUAL EFFECTS – BLADE RUNNER 2049, Richard R. Hoover, Paul Lambert, Gerd Nefzer, John Nelson

Joe Utichi February 18, 201812:31 pm

Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director or Producer is next. I sat on this jury myself for four years in the past. Unlike the rest of the BAFTA awards this remains a jury vote through nominations and winner. The jury meets multiple times a year and literally considers every possible eligible nominee. That could count some 80-100 movies a year. It’s very thorough, so you kind of know that the winner (and nominees) are incredibly deserving.

Joe Utichi February 18, 201812:32 pm

Nominated are The Ghoul, I Am Not A Witch, Jawbone, Kingdom of Us and Lady Macbeth. I have a feeling this belongs to Lady Macbeth, but let’s see… Gemma Arterton and Lily James present. Arterton thanks the audience for standing up for “justice and equality” tonight.

Joe Utichi February 18, 201812:33 pm

Of course, some of these nominees were familiar before this year. Johnny Harris is a popular actor in the UK, writing and producing for the first time with Jawbone. William Oldroyd is a noted theatre director who makes his feature film directorial debut with Lady Macbeth. Past winners include Chris Morris, Duncan Jones and Paddy Considine.

Patrick Hipes February 18, 201812:34 pm


Joe Utichi February 18, 201812:35 pm

We just profiled Rungano on the site.

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201812:35 pm

Rungano Nyoni was one of Deadline’s Cannes Ones to Watch last year, too

Joe Utichi February 18, 201812:36 pm

Nyoni: “It’s really unexpected. We’re not prepared.” She thanks her husband and family. In the audience her mother is in tears. 

Joe Utichi February 18, 201812:37 pm

Emily Morgan finsihes with a declaration: “Time’s Up”

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201812:37 pm

More acrobats! Joe!!!

Joe Utichi February 18, 201812:38 pm

They left the envelope on the stage. “We don’t want any embarrassing mix-ups later,” jokes Lumley. Cirque du Soleil take the envelope with more acrobatic whatever. “A bit OTT for the BAFTAs,” says Lumley, accurately.

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201812:38 pm

Bryan Cranston comes out to present Supporting Actress. He is fresh in from the Berlin Film Festival (he was on my plane yesterday) where Isle Of Dogs opened the fest

Joe Utichi February 18, 201812:39 pm

The nominees in this category are Allison Janney, Kristen Scott Thomas, Laurie Metcalf, Lesley Manville and Octavia Spencer.

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201812:40 pm

Cranston marvels at the Royal Albert Hall and says, “The only way this evening could get more British would be if a TARDIS appeared and Jane Austen popped out with a corgi and apologizing for the sleet…”

Patrick Hipes February 18, 201812:41 pm


Joe Utichi February 18, 201812:42 pm

Janney: “I could simply murder a glass of water right now. I want to clear up a little lie I’ve perpetrated for the last 35 years. I didn’t, in fact, graduate from the Royal Academy.”

Patrick Hipes February 18, 201812:44 pm

Allison Janney tonight:

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201812:44 pm

James Ivory was asked backstage if a possible Call Me By Your Name sequel would feature more peaches. “Oh, I hope so.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201812:45 pm

Sam Rockwell on his character in Three Billboards, “I think he has a lot of work to do, even at the end of the movie.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201812:46 pm

Rockwell on what happens on that final car ride with Mildred: “I think they went to a pub to get some liquid courage and ended up making out.”

Joe Utichi February 18, 201812:47 pm

It’s time for the Obits. Set to music from Kanneh-Mason family. Some of the names included: Jerry Lewis, Martin Landau, Johann Johannson, Jeanne Moreau, Alan MacDonald, Michael Ballhaus, George A Romero, Jonathan Demme, Bill Paxton, Pamela Engel, Sam Shepard, Harry Dean Stanton, Jill Messick, Tobe Hooper and Roger Moore.

Joe Utichi February 18, 201812:48 pm

Sound is next, presented by Sam Claflin and Will Poulter.

Joe Utichi February 18, 201812:49 pm

Nominees are Baby Driver, Blade Runner 2049, Dunkirk, The SHape of Water and Star Wars

Patrick Hipes February 18, 201812:49 pm

WINNER: SOUND – DUNKIRK, Alex Gibson, Richard King, Gregg Landaker, Gary A. Rizzo, Mark Weingarten

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201812:50 pm

Rockwell was asked about any tension on set with his black co-stars given the racist nature of his character. “We had a blast. It’s funny, when you’re doing dramatic material there’s more levity between takes. You tell nerdy theater stories. You more want to crack jokes, if you’re doing an emotional scene you have to prepare but it’s fun to be dramatic and everybody kind of digs that.”

Joe Utichi February 18, 201812:50 pm

It’s Dunkirk’s first of the night. A real spread so far. But we generally see one or two films pull ahead when the biggest categories start announcing.

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 201812:51 pm

Dunkirk, which feels very British, and yet is not qualified as such so wasn’t eligible for Outstanding British Film

Joe Utichi February 18, 201812:52 pm

Original Screenplay now, with Nicholas Hoult and Rachel Weisz, reuniting 16 years after About a Boy. They star together in the upcoming The Favorite.

Joe Utichi February 18, 201812:52 pm

Nominees are Get Out, I, Tonya, Lady Bird, The Shape of Water and Three Billboards.

Patrick Hipes February 18, 201812:53 pm

WINNER: SOUND – DUNKIRK, Alex Gibson, Richard King, Gregg Landaker, Gary A. Rizzo, Mark Weingarten

Joe Utichi February 18, 201812:53 pm

Also, just to be clear, “I, Tonya” is one film. Not two otherwise obscure films, one called I and another called Tonya. I hope that clears up any confusion.

Patrick Hipes February 18, 201812:55 pm


Joe Utichi February 18, 201812:56 pm

A third win for Three Billboards. Here comes Martin McDonagh. He namechecks his fellow nominees. “it’s been hreat to get to know you guys over this last few weeks of craziness.” He thanks “my muse, Sam Rockwell.”

Joe Utichi February 18, 201812:57 pm

McDonagh: What we’re most proud of, in this Time’s Up year, is it’s about a women that refuses to take any shit anymore, played by a woman who always refused to take any shit. I’d like to thank Frances McDoramnd for a performance as unapologetic as it is fearsome.”

Joe Utichi February 18, 201812:57 pm

Cinematography follows, presented by Dennis Quaid. Or “Denise Quaid” as our press briefing has it.

Joe Utichi February 18, 201812:58 pm

Nominees in this category include Blade Runner 2049, Darkest Hour, Dunkirk, The Shape of Water and Three Billboards. 

Patrick Hipes February 18, 201812:59 pm


Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 20181:00 pm

Denis Villeneuve accepts the prize, Deakins is shooting a movie in NY

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 20181:00 pm

Denis thanks Ridley Scott for the “freedom and inspiration”

Joe Utichi February 18, 20181:00 pm

OK the big categories now: Leading Actor, Leading Actress, Director and Film are all that’s left (plus the BAFTA fellowship presentation to Ridley Scott, which is guaranteed to be emotional)

Joe Utichi February 18, 20181:02 pm

Salma Hayek presents Best Actor. “In this very important year for women, I am here on this stage to celebrate… men.”

Joe Utichi February 18, 20181:02 pm

The nominees are Daniel Day-Lewis, Daniel Kaluuya (already trophied with the Rising Star award tonight), Gary Oldman, Jamie Bell and Timothee Chalamet.

Joe Utichi February 18, 20181:04 pm

Hayek announces the winner: “Frances McDormand. Nah just kidding.”

Patrick Hipes February 18, 20181:04 pm


Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 20181:04 pm

Lot of folks get on their feet at Oldman’s win

Joe Utichi February 18, 20181:05 pm

Oldman: “I salute my fellow nominees for your beautiful work. This is made all the more special because I can share it with my family tonight: my three sons and my beautiful wife and my extended family Jim Osborne and Douglas Urbanski.” He thanks Joe Wright, who “led the charge with such energy and passion”. 

Joe Utichi February 18, 20181:06 pm

Oldman saves the last thanks for Winston Churchill. “In those dark and uncertain days he held the line for honor and integrity and freedom. For his nation and the world. I thank you Sir Winston. I thank you the Churchill family, and once again BAFTA.”

Patrick Hipes February 18, 20181:07 pm

Gary Oldman tonight:

Joe Utichi February 18, 20181:08 pm

Here comes Chiwetel Ejiofor to name the Leading Actress of the year. This could be a close one, with Sally Hawkins’ hometown advantage. If she wins, Shape and Three Billboards tie with three each. If it’s Frances McDormand, Three Billboards will have its fourth. It could also be Annette Bening, Margot Robbie or Saoirse Ronan.

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 20181:08 pm

Darkest Hour has been getting its own standing ovations in movie theaters during Oldman’s “on the beaches” speech as Churchill. The win is “all the more special because I can share it with my family, who are here tonight,” he said. On the red carpet earlier he said his newest grandchild’s middle name is Winston.

Patrick Hipes February 18, 20181:09 pm


Joe Utichi February 18, 20181:09 pm

Frances McDormand cements her leading position this year. 

Joe Utichi February 18, 20181:10 pm

That’s a fourth for Three Billboards, pulling ahead of the pack.

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 20181:10 pm

Alison Janney is asked backstage to comment on the fact that the Duchess of Cambridge is not wearing black tonight. “I would never judge anyone’s choice; she looked absolutely beautiful and I’m thrilled she’s pregnant again. She can wear whatever she wants.”

Joe Utichi February 18, 20181:12 pm

Frances McDormand: “Thank you British film people. As Martin said, I have a little trouble with compliance.” She gets a whoop. “But I want you to know I stand in full solidarity with my sisters tonight in black.” She is wearing a colorful dress but its pattern is set against black. “I am thrilled that activists all over the world have been inspired by the set decoration of the three billboards and have taken to the streets and let it be a part of the positive discourse that is happening.” She is referring to recent protests re: Marco Rubio and the Grenfall tower which have taken the Three Billboards idea. “Who would have thought that Marge Gunderson would grow up to be Mildred Hays? Power to the people.”

Joe Utichi February 18, 20181:13 pm

Of course the first use of Three Billboards as protest in real life happened at the film’s very own London Film Festival premiere, where protestors complaining about not being paid a London Living Wage at Picturehouse Cinemas made their presence felt. The festival uses Picturehouse as a venue.

Joe Utichi February 18, 20181:14 pm

Director is next. It’s Sir Patrick Stewart and Naomie Harris, who will present to one of Denis Villeneuve, Luca Guadagnino, Christopher Nolan, Guillermo del Toro or Martin McDonagh. 

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 20181:15 pm

Janney is told all of the Supporting Actress nominees are over 45. She says believes there are more roles for older women and namechecks Reese Witherspoon for doing Big Little Lies. “There are opportunities for more complex and interesting roles. I’m excited about Margot (Robbie) becoming a really important producer. I think it’s only going to get better and better.”

Joe Utichi February 18, 20181:15 pm

Guillermo has been taking this award throughout the season. But with four wins already, could this go to Billboards?

Patrick Hipes February 18, 20181:16 pm


Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 20181:17 pm

Another movie that started in Venice and that we’ve followed so closely since its stunning debut

Joe Utichi February 18, 20181:18 pm

So that’s three for Shape, and a continuing trend to honor the maestro, Guillermo del Toro. “Thank you Fox Searchlight for all the support and my per diem yesterday. it’s really useful for all the black pudding. The shadow of English culture has loomed large in my life, shaping my creativity. I make no secret of the importance of Powell and Pressburger in making this movie.” He calls Sally Hawkins “the miracle.” “She made it a point to stand two fo the greats: Charlie Chaplin and Stan Laurel, who did so much with so little.” He especially thanks Mary SHelley. “She has remained a figure in my life as important as family. When I think of giving up I think of her.”

Joe Utichi February 18, 20181:18 pm

Del Toro on Shelley: “She gave voice to the voiceless and showed me that to stand up to monsters we have to create monsters ourselves with parables.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 20181:19 pm

The audience is making good on accessing its “inner American” as it was requested earlier in the evening; there’s a lot of love for the winners

Patrick Hipes February 18, 20181:19 pm

Guillermo del Toro tonight:

Joe Utichi February 18, 20181:20 pm

Daniel Craig presents Best Film, the penultimate award of the night. Call Me By Your Name, Darkest Hour, Dunkirk, The Shape of Water, and Three Billboards are the nominees. Leading the pack so far: Three Billboards with four, The Shape with three, Darkest Hour with two. Dunkirk, Call Me By Your Name and Dunkirk all have one award each.

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 20181:20 pm

Edge of your seat stuff…

Patrick Hipes February 18, 20181:22 pm


Joe Utichi February 18, 20181:22 pm

Martin McDonagh gives Guillermo del Toro a huge hug on his way to the stage. The Three Billboards team join him.

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 20181:24 pm

McDonagh says he’s “overwhelmed. Ours is hopeful film in lots of  ways but also an angry one. As we’ve seen this year, sometimes anger is the only way to get people to change. We’re thrilled that BAFTA has recognized this.”

Joe Utichi February 18, 20181:25 pm

The final award is the British Academy’s highest honor, The BAFTA Fellowship. It will be presented – spoiler – to Ridley Scott. Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge presents, and introduces Kenneth Branagh to talk about Scott.

Joe Utichi February 18, 20181:26 pm

Branagh: “In his films, he pulls of the feat of inviting audiences to seriously contemplate ideas but also, to borrow his words, scare the shit out of him. And yes, the compilation we’re about to see does include John Hurt’s chest.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 20181:28 pm

Three Billboards getting both Outstanding British Film and Outstanding Film is well and truly deserved, but a bit surprising. There’s a homefield advantage in it being a Film4 movie

Joe Utichi February 18, 20181:30 pm

And now it’s a montage of Ridley’s work. Versatile doesn’t cover it. The Duellists, Alien, Blade Runner, Thelma & Louise, Gladiator, The Counselor, etc. etc. etc.

Joe Utichi February 18, 20181:30 pm

Ridley comes up to stage to a standing ovation. Prince William gives him his BAFTA and a pat on the shoulder.

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 20181:30 pm

My Luberon neighbor Ridley Scott…

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 20181:33 pm

Scott: “It’s been 40 years in this business and this the first time they’ve ever given me anything so I’m not going to go quietly” as he launches into his speech

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 20181:35 pm

Scott says he’s joined the “octogenarian club” and wonders if the “real reason behind the award is ‘better give him something before it’s too late’.”

Joe Utichi February 18, 20181:38 pm

Joanna Lumley wraps up the show and adds, referring to the previous incumbent in the host spot, “Stephen, Stephen Fry, if you’re watching, I hope that was all right.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 20181:39 pm

He was inspired to get into art by his father. After coming in last in his class four years in a row. “Dad put his hand on my shoulder and said ‘you can only
do the best you can but whatever you decide to do make sure you love

Joe Utichi February 18, 20181:39 pm

Nancy is still processing Ridley’s speech – so much great insight to come – but that’s the show over, as the winners head to the stage for a winners’ photo.

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 20181:41 pm

Scott speaks of the importance of teachers and mentions his late brother Tony Scott, his partner for 50 years. He says the best stories come from truth and “entertainment can be the most powerful form of education” citing the rise of documentaries and particularly Blue Planet. Finally, he closes with “I’m available in autumn 2019.”

Joe Utichi February 18, 20181:44 pm

That’s it from us!

Nancy Tartaglione February 18, 20181:44 pm

Thanks for playing!